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Hello everyone I just joined so I'm very new to the group. I was diagnosed 3 years ago with Small Cell Lung Cancer and I'm still kicking it's butt. I have had three rounds with it coming back and I'm now in my 4th round of remission. I have went through numerous different chemo's and 2 rounds of radiation to my chest. Although it is contained in my chest area they radiated my brain for preventative measures which caused me to have some brain fog and slight short and long term memory loss. I look forward to meeting new people on here and can't wait to chat. Please feel free to chat. Ya'll have a wonderful blessed evening.

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  • yes

  • renelane, may I ask what stage you were first diagnosed. I was diagnosed stage 4 w/mets. This was 12/16. Any hints or suggestions ?

  • Renelane,

    You have a tremendously inspiring attitude. Here's hoping that the fourth remission goes on, and on, and on...

    This is a great community. I hope you find many kindred spirits and much support. We do better when we stick together!


  • Welcome to the group wishing you the best

  • Hi renelane

    My husband has also SCLC he's now going through the 2nd cycle of chemo.

    Is yours limited or extensive?

    My husband also was in a clinical trial, but was useless, waste of time.

    Do you have support?

  • You are the first person I have heard to mention radiation treatment as a preventative method!! I've often wondered if that would have a positive effect or not. If there was no Cancer there to begin with then what are they aiming at and how would they expect not to damage anythin?? I hope your side affects didn't last long....and I hope that prevents you from ever developing anything in your brain!! Good luck!! Never give up!! :)

  • sclc ,the first place it heads after the lungs is the brain, hard to detect until too late, So precautionary is best way to go

  • Just keep kicking that SCLC patootie. You've achieved a great milestone there already. My coworkers husband survived 7.5 years with sclc-limited before passing from other causes. I send hope you beat his record.

    You're voice is so very welcome here.

  • I join the others in welcoming you and in celebrating your attitude and strength! Wow, thanks for sharing, please stick around and give us more you!

  • Glad your with us ,so far i am a 4 year survivor of small cell limited, Had the brain radiation also as a precaution, always try to use it with my friends who are as old as me, but they are as forgetful as me too,

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