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You wanted to know about my journey I need you to go to my post My Story it will tell you alot about my journey. Plus I broke down and told you what I kept to myself. My cancer was in my left upper lobe. It was toward the outer,middle toward my under arm. It was a very small tumor. I asked my oncologist if it was so small how did it get in my lympnodes.He said that adenocarcinoma is slow growing but its very aggresive. I can't even begin to remember how many cancer cells were in that little tumor I would guess thousands upon thousands and more. When they done the lobectomy that was horrible seven days in the hospital,I had tubes running out of me. I spent the first night in the icu. I had two tubes running out of my left side two days before I went home they removed one I had to keep the other in for another week. I know I was very lucky they found it when they did. Plus two years before I had breast cancer they done a mastectomy no treatments and its been over five years. I was 62,I was 64 with the lung cancer so i'm now 68 i'm into my fourth year. it was in oct in dec I was 65. i'm not sure if I told you what happened my first treatment. It was my birthday anurse sits with you for a few minutes they gave me taxol I had a very bad reaction. The nurses told me after they didn't think I was going to come out of it,they said they tried everthing and I cam out of it so thats when I wenton taxatere. Great bday present. with love Jo

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  • Jo, you have endured a lot. Lung cancer surgery is rough stuff indeed! Congratulations on being a survivor, and thank you for giving back.


  • You've had a difficult time and I'm grateful that you came through it. Those of us who never had the surgery have no idea how difficult the recovery really can be. I can't imagine how difficult it is to have those miserable tubes sticking out of everywhere.

    Thank you for sharing you whole story.

  • You sound like what I went through, now I am on optivo...does the taxpayers keep your lymph nodes in check?

  • I mean the taxatere keep your lymph nodes in check...

  • Marcellus The taxatere helped but there were others I took too. Carbplatin,Abraxane. I do not have it in my lympnodes anymore. I do not know which one did it.I do not have cancer anywhere Iam cancer free.what got rid of it I think is Angel was watching over me who'll be beside me and if it comes back s he'll be right beside me watching to make sure it doe'snt come back. You have an angel beside you she'll be there for you hoping and prayiing for you.So please keep on fighting and don't give up we are here for you. With love Jo

  • Wow , how wonderful....only hope I amas lucky....thanks

  • I had stage 1B and upper left lobectomy on Dec 1st. After 7 weeks I am feeling much better but amazed at how much pain goes with this surgery. It is not easy but so grateful for early detection and they tell me no cancer and no further treatment. First follow up scan will be in April. Does the anxiety ever stop?

  • @Cindyjod3 I am so happy for you that is so wonderful. Welcome I hope you come back to us. Free to breathe/healthunlocked is a fantastic site to be on. Even if your cancers gone we are here for you . If you just want to talk i'm here for youand so are the others they are just great. Jo Taylor

  • Anyone tell me there outcome on provido?

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