Happy New Year everybody! I just signed up on this site. How many of us out there have small cell lung cancer? I was diagnosed in August 2014, had 6 months of chemo (Cisplatin and Etoposide) definitely was no picnic. The tumors have shrunk. I go every 3 months for CT scan. Last one was last week and still shows no sign of tumor growth, still stable. I've read that survival rate beyond 2 years of diagnosis is only about 15% but I'm still here and feeling pretty good and have gained a lot of weight, so I figure if I'm gaining and not losing weight that's a good sign. Does anybody know of any clinical trials going on for SCLC?

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  • Hi Mr_Mark:

    I'm glad you found this community, and it's great to hear about your status.

    Regarding finding clinical trials for SCLC, we actually just implemented a new search widget on our Website that helps you find clinical trials near you. Give it a whirl to see if there are any in your location:


  • Happy New Years to all. I have stage 4 lung cancer. I had one yr. of Chemo. Every 3 wks was hell week. They had to stop chemo because of chemo affected my kidneys . You know if I didn't know my God I would not be here. I take a Pet scan on the 5th. Dr. Wants to see what's going on from head to toe. I pray you are doing better.

  • Hi Sue -- Sounds like you've been through more hell than me. Do you remember what chemo drugs they gave you? Yeah, I had issues with the kidneys too, they kept telling me to drink a lot more water, which even if we weren't sick is good advice. I always had problems with my white blood cell count. A couple of times they had to delay my treatment a week until my WBC came up. At one point it was only .06!! You have to be very very careful Sue around other people and stores. I always carry a bottle of Purell in the car.

    Prays are going out to you.

  • I'll you know how the pet scan comes out. I told the Drs. That I didn't have a brain, so don't look for cancer there. Lol. I have to laugh or makes jokes to get through. Hope you don't mind.

  • I have SCLC, stage 3B, diagnosed 9/15. I had 8 weeks of radiation every day and 2 - 6 day rounds of Cisplatin and Etopicide. I finished my treatments in 2/5/2016. The main problem I've had since finishing the treatments is double pneumonia. I was on 7 weeks of strong steroids, followed by 10 days of Bactrim and when that didn't work I was given 10 days Levaquin. This is has been ongoing since September 2016. None of the medications have worked. I still have double pneumonia and now I am waiting to hear from the Center for Infectious Diseases as to what they might recommend.

    I'm glad to hear you're doing so well and it is always encouraging to hear of someone who is continuing a normal life. I have a strong faith in God and I know the only reason I'm still here is by His grace. He gives me strength to keep going. I'm not giving up ... I'm still fighting!!

    God bless you!!

  • Ruthie1950,

    Keep swinging! We all have your back!


  • You go girl friend

  • Mr. Mark,

    Welcome! So wonderful to hear that you your CT scan was good and that you are gaining weight. Thank you for sharing your good news, and for joining this community - always great to have another soul on board!


  • Hi there,

    I'm so glad you decided to join this group! My Dad has small cell lung cancer. He was diagnosed at the end May of 2016. He has finished his chemo at the end of November, ( wanted a little break from treatment), and starts radiation in about a week. We are hoping it will help. I think it's so inspirational that you are defying the statistics! This gives me hope for my Dad.

    I think there are many clinical trials out there for small cell, but we haven't been that route as of yet, but I know my Dad's oncologist let him know that.


  • Mr Mark,

    Your story is inspiring, SCLC is a tough bugger. Gaining weight is generally a very good sign of health for cancer patients!


  • Thanks so much for the advice..I'll go to Amazon and get the book. Do you have small cell or large cell cancer? After all the treatments I've been through I have so much respect for RN's. All of them at the infusion center I went to were so compassionate. It takes a special person to do that job. Sending you cyber hugs!!!!

  • Hello everyone. I would like to know if any one has tried Opdiva. I think Dr. Frederson is leaning to this. I know God has his hands in this. I feel that If people of yester day didn't try the meds we all take today where would we be. So if this new drug doesn't work they may know where to go with it. Some one has to be the first to try it.

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