Lung Cancer warrior

Lung Cancer warrior

New here, Diagnosed w Lung Cancer at 38. Ive had lung surgery, ovarian surgery, then uterine surgury w the one remaining ovary, One Ovary at a time... Hahahaa!!! Plus countless invasive procedures, and chemo nearly every week. ooooh... when you write it down it looks bad. Honestly, I live life and live positively wonderful enjoying family and friends to the fullest. Half the people I know may not even I've been fighting for 7 1/2 years. I will keep at the good fight gracefully and with vigor!


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  • jenrodrigues u go Girl! Alright

  • Wow you've had it rough. Keep up the good fight. You look great!


  • Wow, what a cancer history, about as bad as mine, except that I'm 71 and have been dealing with cancer for 15 years. I have Lynch Syndrome and am positive for the colon cancer gene. Have you had genetic testing done? My cancers include uterus cancer 1A, colon cancer x2, Thyroid, urothelial cancer with metastasis to both lungs, and now mediastinal lymph nodes positive for metastasis from the ureter cancer.

    Due to my Genetic testing which was done at Johns Hopkins and our strong family history of multiple cancers, I've managed to catch all of these cancers early and have not needed chemotherapy or radiation until now.

    I will start Tecentriq soon, an agent that was just approved for urothelial/bladder cancers.

    I've managed to live a fairly healthy, active, and good life even with all of these cancers primarily by incorporating diet and supplements into my lifestyle. I'm very fortunate to have doctors that recommend and support my utilizing the holistic and medical approaches together to treat cancer.

    Wishing you the best as you find the best treatment and support for your cancers.


  • jenrodrigues, You are a very strong woman with a strong will to live. Most people couldn't go through what you've been through. You are a fantastic women i'm strong but you are the strongest woman i've ever met. We are all warriors on this site so you are very welcome. We will be here for you healthunlocked/freetobreath is a fanatstic site. JO Taylor

  • Very strong woman

  • Would like to know do u know anything about copd or sarcadois

  • Bjprm You and jenrodrigues you say WOW to her and I say a big WOW to you. I can't even comprend all that you two have been through. Its just mind boggling. Keep in touch I would like to learn from you. you are a warrior too everyone on here is a warrior.WE just keep on fighting.

  • So positive but i'm sure you have heard that before. Sometimes it is our only choice. I am actually so surprised that I got through what I have gone through. I guess we are a lot stronger than we think.

    Thanks for the post. It was a good way to start the day.


  • Six1 copd is a number of lung deseases which emphysema is one.Sarcadois is an inflamatory decease. That can effect multiple organs. But mostly the lungs and lymphglands. They think it is an abnormal immune response. Emphysema there are a lot of causes and smoking is one what happens is you can breathe in but it does'nt want to all come back out so your lungs can't get rid of the carbin dixide. I have emphysema I have to wear oxygen when i'm doing things that is when your oxygen level drops mine drops to around 80 to85 so I have to where it I don't like it but theres nothing I can do plus I only have one and a half lungs because ofthe cancer. six1 I am not a doctor you should discuss this with a doctor. don't go by what I say about it. You needto see a doctor so please see someone in the medical field. Jo Taylor

  • Thanks I am also oxygen 24 hrs I carry a 4.8lb oxygen tank from Imogen One I was diagnosed with copd emphysema an sarcadois back in 2014 haven't smoked since smoked 4 27yrs I'm on 20mg Prednisone advair and spirits an Ventolin inhalers just found out yesterday that copd in left lung is stage 4 but still functioning they trying 2 get me in a treatment center just wanted to find someone who know something about it

  • @jenrodrigues Hi I think that someone didn't realize that the name of your post lung cancer warrior and thought it was me.Sorry, at one point I did say we were all warriors, but that was awhile back. but I still think we are. If you need to talk to someone i'm hear and so are the others. @Jo Taylor

  • What can I do, but applaud and then wish I could hug you. So here come virtual hugs. This community is so wonderful, thank you, everyone!

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