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fell hurt hip

About 6 weeks ago I fell and broke a bone in my hand. I also had a very sore hip and it has got worse over the last 6 weeks it is now very painful. I have told the doctors at hospital and my own GP but they didn't seem to be bothered and they certainly didn't examine me then or last week when again I mentioned it last week at my GP's. I do have arthrites and twice had the injections in the same hip. I keep thinking I may have a broken hip.

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Insist on being referred for xrays !! Take someone with you, if you're not confident to do so. The doctor is there for you, and to do what you want !! x


as you are concerned that your hip is still sore after this long you are within your rights to ask for an xray, although i realise that you have arthritis in your hip ( as i do ) often tho we can tell when things feel different we know. I too have had the injections and found them helpful , also if you have arthritis it is a good idea to xray and see how the joints are doing x


Thanks I will do this now I just hope they don't get annoyed at me if I am wrong. I have an appointment on monday to have have my plaster of my arm I broke when I fell I will have a word with the doctor there. I will have to go to my GP next week too Thanks again xx


hi Jan

how did you get on ?

i hope they were kind and proffesional with you ?

i know from experience that jarring the hip in a fall can cause very bad pain , in fact GP advised me not to do it ! bless her she was such a brilliant GP and i didn't mean to fall off my bike ha ha

take care xx J


Well I saw another doctor a GP in the practise !! She said if your hip was broken you wouldn't walk in here. I have 2 crutches I take most of my wieght of but it still hurts like hell. I give up I was so angry I had to leave. When it doesn't get better I will go back. I have an appointment at the fracture clinic in a weeks time for my broken arm,which,is not healing!!!!

I will mention it to him and see what he says.

Thanks for all your reply's xxx


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