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DLA stopped....Can anyone help ?


I have ME,Fibro,Crohn's Disease and an undercative thyroid. I've been receiving DLA for the past 6 years, since I was medically retired from my job.

When I moved house in 2011 I thought I'd told DWP of my change of address and the last communication I received from them at my old address informed me that I'd receive the benefit indefinitely.

When I didn't receive an up-rating letter this year I contacted the DWP and it appears my change of address was not recorded. I checked my bank account and discovered my DLA hadn't been paid since January 2012 ! The DWP stated today that I no longer qualified for DLA as I hadn't answered letters that were sent to my previous address.

My condition hasn't changed so medically I still qualify for DLA.How can I not qualify for DLA because I've moved house ? This seems to be an excuse for not re-imbursing the back payments to which I am entitled.

You might wonder why I hadn't noticed this for such a long time, however my condition affects my short and long term memory and I had no idea that I hadn't been receiving payments, especially as my award was for an indefinite period. Does anyone have any advice as to how I should proceed ?

Thanks :(

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The best thing that you can do is make an appointment with your local CAB (Citizens Advice Bureaux), as they will be able to help you with the paperwork. The CAB is free and they also have access to a solicitor should the need arise. I had problems with my Incapacity Benefit last year and the CAB helped me get it sorted out and in my favour.

So I would get on the phone first thing Monday and get yourself an appointment at the CAB. What have you got to lose ??

Good luck and I hope that it all works out for you.

I forgot about the CAB. Thanks for answering, that's very useful and I will definitely give it a try.

Here's a link to the GL24 form in a pdf file. I just printed off pages 20-24, the rest is helpful info to complete it, hope someone else finds it useful :)


Another helpful organisation is DIAL, and they helped me a lot, when I couldn't get my head around form-filling. Your local place should be in the Phone Book, or maybe at your GP Practice. Hope this is another alternative, for you to use.

Thanks very much for that, I'll take a look :)

If you have a local law center they can also help you with benefit payments difficulties. I agree with you how did the bank payments cease when you moved ,unless you changed your bank account number.Unfortunately you are obliged to notify change of address and benefit can be stopped for not doing so, although i again agree with you that this rule sounds ridiculous and has no bearing on your health status or continueing right to claim DLA. But with the current changes to benefits I think you will need help to get your benefit reinstated.

My hubbie and I are both on benefits, he has been disabled for a long time. When we moved he updated both of our addresses and he has had no problems with his, that's what I can't understand. Thanks for taking the time to reply, the advice is much appreciated.

They will not accept third party information regarding change of address. I wrote advising change of address for myself and daughter via their web post received reply stating they would not accept her change from me that she had to do it herself.

fyrefly in reply to onhereagain

Yes, hubby was told this at the time. I spoke with them and gave my permission for them to speak with him, he deals with all similar stuff for me.

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