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Is it Peripheral Neuropathy?

For approx 9 months I have had problems with cramp like pain under my right toes with numbness which has now started in my left foot which includes burning pains mostly at night. I have also have increasing pain, tingling and numbness in both hands and an increase in painful hypersensitivity in my hands and face.

I have seen a neurologist and have recently had a MRI scan for which I have not had the results. The next stage would be electrical conductor testing. I am guessing what it could be (which I think we are all guilty of) and I could be way off of the mark but not knowing is making me anxious. Has anyone got similar symptoms? I would appreciate any advice given.



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Hi Kate,

Yes, I have those symptoms, and have already received a diagnosis of peripheral neuropathy. BUT, I wonder, do you smoke? I ask this because if you do, then it could be poor circulation that's causing these symptoms, if oxygen isn't sufficient to complete the whole circuit! Your blood would need to concentrate on the organs, and vital parts to survive, so the limbs aren't essential to maintain life,( but am not suggesting they aren't an important part of the body!).

The RIGHT thing to do, is wait for the results of ALL the tests being done, and your Doctors will then be in a position to tell you. Often, it needs lots of tests to give the Whole picture of what's going on, and though you are anxious over the possible outcome, you do need the Correct diagnosis, and not some amateur telling you (namely, me!). Becomming anxious over this won't help you to feel better, and definitely won't help it to go away, so the best advice I could give would be to take each day as it comes, and enjoy life. None of us knows what's around the corner, do we? So, if we enjoy life while we can, then we aren't wasting the time we are given on this earth!

If you are smoking, then please, please try very hard to stop. It isn't worth it, and that is from someone who knows!! It's far too expensive to be doing anyone any good, and your body needs to be fit and healthy for a good quality of life.

Take Care of Yourself, and I hope this has helped.



Thank you so much for your reply. I don't smoke so that's not an issue. I am trying to be positive and take each day as it comes but as you probably know from your own experience it's not always easy to be positive. I think the worst thing I have done is research the illness! You always see the worst case scenarios.

Thanks again



My mum has peripheral neuropathy and has all the symptoms you describe.

She recieved a diagnosis many years ago after a mountain of tests but it was

the nerve biopsy that confurmed it was p.n. Hope.your results come through soon



Thank you for your comments. It is such a weird experience and at times scary it is nice to know that you are not imagining all these symptoms as you can't see anything!! How Does it effect your mum?


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