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Most nights something awakens me, dreams that become in a way pysical therpy, telling which way to move my legs to decrease the pain in them which I know I am moving around all over the bed, its bad enough to wake at 2:00 but to dream I am having pain is short of mind bogoling! I have perficial neurophy and must take gabapentin or will be in constant pain? Then there is nights I am just awake for no reason, as the gabapentin makes me nap all day! Top of that my knee has been causing me to have shots put in every 3 monts, will need knee surgery soon. can't take a lot of antibiotics, how will the surgery affect my nerves in the knee if I do have this surgery? Had a good one lately, stopped the pain, bone on bone pain! I guess I am lucky I only have these sensation's? God help us all, why so many people are getting this illness is my question!

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To me it started after bladder surgery HATE doctors and be aware that antibiotics kill your body will not touch them good luck and seek alternative therapy faith in doctors will kill you

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Horrible isn't it. I wish I knew what caused mine. Best wishes for you surgery.


I had a mother who had Parkenson's I believe I have inherited a form of it in a way?


I mentioned to above person that I believe I inherited a form of Parkenson's could that be an idea for investigation for some? If we could find that our parents were aflected with these diseases and the gene we might get in a different form?


When asleep and in pain, I start dreaming I'm in pain or in a wheelchair


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