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Cortisol levels

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I looked for a community on Addison’s disease or adrenal problems but unfortunately there isn’t one so I thought this community would be the best to ask this in!

I recently went to my doctors to ask him to carry out a Cortisol blood test as I have a lot of symptoms of both low and high but I thought I had high cortisol because I cannot lose weight at all and have more fat on my tummy than other areas and a lot of sugar cravings etc. However I was shocked when I was told my blood results showed that I have low cortisol levels. I am having them repeated next week.

Is it possible to not be able to lose weight even if I had Addison’s disease?

Could my next test show high cortisol?

Some input would be much appreciated! Thanks so much

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From reading on the Thyroid UK Forum here on HU - it seems the 24 Hour Saliva Testing is more accurate as cortisol has a circadian clock - should be higher in the morning and lower at night for good sleep. I understand this test is not done in the NHS but can be done privately in the home with Medichecks or Blue Horizon or both - sorry not 100% sure ( I live in Crete )

Sometimes Low thyroid can cause Adrenal issues - have you been tested ?

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