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Hi there. Is there anyone in Grimsby area who suffers with peripheral neuropathy. I would love to talk to you as I feel very isolated.

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Hi Pendleton.

I'm so sorry that you're feeling isolated. As PN isn't such a well known condition, I'm afraid many of us feel like you.

I don't live near you, however, I have found some comfort from this site, especially knowing that I'm not the only one and others understand some of the pain.

Wishing you the very best - stay strong! Lizzie x

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I'm afraid I don't know where Grimsby is


Thank you so much. Let's hope in time a cure will be found. By the way Grimsby is in NE Lincolnshire on the R. Number. Best wishes Pendleton


Thank you so much and best of luck

. Maybe eventually a cure will be found.


Hi there, sorry, but I too am not near Grimsby. I live in Fife, in Scotland &, like Lizzie, understand how isolated this condition can make you feel. There are no easy answers to PN unfortunately. I think most of us get by learning how to be as content as we possibly can be in our own company. If you search this site, you will find that there are many people who are struggling with the severe pain & feelings of isolation that go along with PN. I know words don't help much, but I can promise you there are many of us feeling very much like yourself. You are not alone in the way you are feeling! Wishing you as much happiness as possible. Sincerely, Chris x


Isolated ( grimsby) don’t feel alone I myself Have p.n. In my low extremities from a low b12 and my feet feel heavy making it hard to walk lift my feet. I take 4x a day folic acid b12 shot once a month two vitamin d’s and calcium citrate. I have no pain but my feet are heavy and I move slowly with leg braces canes and walkers. I do 5 pound weights stretching my legs toe raises and heel raises trying to raise my toes as much as I can. Toe raises stand up hold on to a chair or walker and raise your toes and I also sit down and from heel try to lift your toes as best you can sitting in in a comfortable chair. Don’t forget a lot of us are in the same boat with different reasons with p.n. That as we speak right now there is no cure but having it monitored and physical therapy along with occupational therapy helps the mind and body. Keep busy don’t dwell on it. All the best . GREG 😀


Thank you. Let's hope a cure will be found in time. Best wishes Pendleton.


Thankyou and to you the same!


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