Hello all new to this group , I have small fiber nuropathy , had it for past 2 years in such pain with it , went to see gp yesterday asked for morphine patches as I have had bad wk , seem to be helping at the min . Nice to get some sleep last night for a change . Is there anybody on here from the northwest ( Wigan ) would love to speak to somebody in my area with the same condition , many thanks Michaela x

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  • I have neuropathy but live in scotland God luc

  • Hope your ok x

  • Can I ask how long you have had it for , and what medication do u take . Do you have any tips with anything u have tried plz x

  • I have had it for two years and I take gabapentonhope this helps and good luck.

  • Was on them , but on pregablin at the min 300mg twice day just space me out lol do u still manage to work with this condition ,,,,, I don't myself due to having bad back . Would rather have bad back than this it's horrible . Can I ask how old you are ,,,,, I have just turned 50 and are you male or female . Just trying to get clue if it effects more male than females . Sorry to keep asking lol it's the first group I have found in uk as most of them are in America x

  • I ave ha d it for two years I take gabapentonhope hope this helps and good luck.

  • I am 67 and female hope this helps.

  • Hello Michaela, i was diagnosed with a similar neuropathy 2 years ago but it cleared up after about 6 months. Im sorry to hear about the pain that anyone has to go through and although my neuropathy has returned with vengance im not in any great pain. Im struggling with weakness on my right side and tingling on hands and feet. I dont know what other symptoms you have had but you will read on this site about many medications that people have tried with varying degrees of success. Hopefully you will get a chance to discuss with others in a similar place as yourself but im interested in your 2 year journey and what caused your neuropathy. I'll happily keep in touch. R x

  • Hi thanks for your reply , I started of with pains in my legs and was sent for a scan , results came back with inflammation but was left at a dead end . Kept going Bk to see my GPs told him need to see somebody as I couldn't carry on like this and he asked me well we're do u want me to send you ,,,, told him your the doctor you tell me . So I went to see rheumatologist did test said couldn't find anything . He sent me to see neurologist told him how is started , he sent me to hospital in Manchester were I had large nerve endings tested that came Bk ok . Then after that went for thermal heat test and that's how it came about it was small fiber nuropathy and was told there's no cure for it , was happy in away I had a name to what was wrong with me at long last . Went Bk to see neurologist he told me the same put me on gabapenting at first wasn't helping , put on pregablin and was sent to pain clinic . He put me on pain patches witch helped a bit then told me couldn't have them anymore as they are to expensive ,,,,,, couldn't take much more went to see my gp last Friday as am in so much pain with my feet and asked for morphine pain patches . Gave me them 5 mg but no doing the job so they need to go up to 10 mg now . Not sleeping to good at the min witch doesn't help .. The neurologist told me when I asked him what's caused it , said he didn't no as there is so many small nerves in your body and so I don't no what's caused it with doesn't help . I feel like I haven't got anybody to turn to as my doctor as not got a clue and said oh it must be rare as it didn't come up on pc only saying its a rare condition and I asked to read up on it and she's not x

  • there are a number of entries available but wikipedia provides a reasonable description in layman's terms

  • I also have small fiber neuropathy. On gabapentin. Doctor would never give me morphine. I wish he would as the least little bit of touch is excruciating pain. I also fall alot from dizziness and loss of feeling in feet. Now I also have it in my hands. Always dropping stuff. But there are people out there with worse conditions. So I am grateful for each day I have. I wish you the best.

  • apparently most diabetic neuropathy is small fiber neuropathy and turmeric can have a beneficial effect on diabetic neuropathy, so it presumably has the same effect on small fiber neuropathy whether diabetes is present or not.

  • Im 78 with controlled diabetes 2. have recently been diagnosed with arthritic knees.. which paracetamol, codeine and tramadol do nothing for...have suffered for years with calves hands and feet cramping.Have had tingling in feet for years ..3 months on I now have pains in my legs and feet particularly around knee area and find I can only walk outside painfully for minutes before I must drag my feet homewards. IThis has all happened very quickly. Please can someone help. Does this sound as if I may have peripheral nueropathy ???My doctor doesnt know what these symptoms are and is scaring me a little whilst deciding where to send me for help. Id appreciate any suggestions.Are pain patches prescribed by doctor or can one buy them.Thank you in anticipation of answers.Valerie smart

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