Funny feeling in right big toe, diagnosed funny foot, then pins and needles in both feet and ankles, loads of blood tests , not diabetic, and seemingly no other deficiencies, but a while before this on a routine check was found to be short on Folic Acid. Was prescribed libertine by hospital consultant, but reading side effect decided against it, and pharmacist, also advised against it. Jim have under active thyroid, take 75 of levythyroxine am. I am now suffering nocturnal discomfort and foot and calf cramps, now thinking of trying ALA with B12 and Folic Acid and going back to GP again.

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  • Let us know how you get on. I've been taking ALA, B12, Evening Primrose oil, but haven't really noticed any difference. Like you it started with pins and needles in my feet and hands, and a feeling of walking on pebbles; now I feel it in my feet all the time and get cramp in my calves. I've had all the blood tests and scans with nothing found, and am also not diabetic. There is a facebook group "Neuropathy Pain Support" if you do fb. Good luck.

  • Thanks having another blood test on 24th then seeing GP on 3 Nov, stopped all alcohol which wasn't difficult because do not drink much anyway, started on Tonic water for the quinine, and that helped a bit, now taking Flaxseed Oil, and stopped Tonic and cramp stopped.

  • Have you had any nerve / muscle test done yet ncs / emg

  • No, just electronic test, diagnosed mild to moderate PN, but have been doing a lot of research, I have under active thyroid, which may relate, and also intrigued by website Dr Langdon. Neurology, would like to know if anyone in Britain has enrolled??

  • Hi LKOrra 1ne, sorry to hear of your dilemma - I was like you, so what I am suggesting is stay away from the Pharmaceutical medication and give the supplements a go, as they worked and are still working for me. I have sensory neuropathy and I add magnesium to the list of supplements you have mentioned. Good Luck :)

  • Thank you, also find the step exercise contraption bought years ago, n now mended and back in use very effective when have not time for walking.

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