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Bed sores and socks

If a doctor proscribes Lyrica, (The wonder pill to ease P/N). For me it didn't work nor did it work with a neighbour. Since I am not diabetic or have weight issues, I have been told to wear socks to help me to avoid bed sores on my heals and ankles or buy diabetic socks.

The last couple of months I have had issues with Anal fissure a very painful experience, it wasn't until my sister and a family friend said they also had same. Its a symptom caused from constipation.

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I haven't tried Lyrica, but I looked it up and it had all the same side effects as gapapentin, only it looked like it would be more expensive. The gabapentin helps a wee bit, but it is so sedating that I don't dare take it during the day as I can't function, and especially I can't drive while under its influence. Also it makes my feet swell so I can't get my shoes on. They tried Cymbalta, which did nothing whatsoever except cause nausea. It didn't help with the neuropathy even a little bit. I keep hoping there's some kind of a natural remedy out there somewhere for neuropathy. I've found natural remedies for all sorts of things, such as nutmeg for sleep, but so far, nothing for neuropathy. I've had it for 30 years, with no diagnosis as to why. A few years ago, I developed type II diabetes, so now they want to blame it on that, but what about the 20 years or more that I had the neuropathy before there was even a hint of diabetes? They're like a dog with a bone on this subject. They just give me little lectures on diet and exercise, and won't look past that. They just assume I am a non-compliant, out of control diabetic. I do exercise, and I most likely eat better than they do. My sugars have been in excellent control, and my A1Cs hang right around 6. It's very frustrating.


Thanks You the info. The medical association when they don't know the answers, 'after all the blood works & X-rays' they put it down to Idiopathic (Unknown). I have had feet problems since the mid eighties.


I had no problems driving and I was taking max 600 a day I started out on small doses worked up to max, I have since stopped as it didn't help.


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