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Hi everybody. Had trigeminal neuralgia for 19 years and was put on Teg straight away and apart from usual side effects I think we all know about pills eased the bouts. My TN was caused through a damaged tooth nerve. My question is, since the menopause (I'm 58) I am having trouble tolerating Teg now. I always ended up smacked off my face because I needed such high doses to control symptoms but now even one dose floors me and takes days for the effects to wear off. Is the menopause the reason? Is it natural ageing or what? I know Teg is the best treatment at the present time and I would be lost without it but I am worried as I am losing more of my life to this horrible condition in recovery time. I also can't work now when having a bout because of side effects of pills and worry i'll need more time off in the future. Is it time to try a new treatment? Your comments would be gratefully appreciated. My best wishes to you all.

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Also have trig nerve damage due to dental work. Mine's diagnosed as trig autonomic cephalgia. Pain is constant though can change in severity.

I tried teg years ago and couldnt tolerate it at all. Fell over, room spinning, couldnt work, etc. That was pre menopause.

Was referred to pain mgt unit and started having acupuncture there. Have it every six weeks and it tones down the pain to a more manageable level. Though only for five weeks, so I always know when I'm due!

Post menopause I think the pain has increased generally. I had surgical menopause so it was a noticeable sudden change.

Not sure how that helps with teg effects. Other than knowing something changed after menopause for me so I could see that teg may change affect in your body.

Does a lower dose help the pain?


Hi katfish. I run a chronic course then wham! Full blown attack. Have to keep cold off my face and avoid dense foodstuff, raw carrots are out even when cut into discs. I find after one dose now I am like a ship at sea. I used to be able to tolerate 8 tablets a day and shop accompanied but now I am stupefied. I think it must be the menopause as everything in my life is the same! I have considered acupuncture but when applying makeup can trigger tingles I am wary of anything mildly invasive. Glad it works for you though, 5 weeks is a good result I think. Roll on retirement then I can suffer without the stress of calling in sick. Staff got a surprise to see how bad I was so they know I wouldn't be swinging the lead if I did phone in. My best wishes to you.


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