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Peripheral neuropathy or Bernard syndrome

I was diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy but I'm starting to question if that really is it when I get cold even in 60 degree weather my toes and my fingers will start turning blue I have tingling and stinging pain in my hands it feels like my hands are trying to fall asleep but wake up at the same time which at night it's the worst sometimes I get the shock pains as well I was on a serotonin inhibitor which build up in my system and cause lasting side effects now I'm stuck in constant pain at night and I'm not sure what to do because I wake up in pain and then I can't fall back to sleep I can't grab my phone I can't grip a lot of things that night it's just too hard because it hurts so bad has anyone known if there's an underlying cause do it or if this could be or not syndrome if it is what else could be underlining that I did have a vitamin D deficiency a while back but I don't think that's an issue now any help or any coping skills that I may not have would help thank you very much

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Could your problem be Raynaud's disease. Raynaud's can mimic the symptoms of PN and is very painful. Ask your doc about that.

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