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PIP help

I've been receiving the standard PIP award since 2014 and forms were sent to me to be reassessed in April 2016, they didn't arrived so they sent them again in July which arrived and I returned them within a couple of weeks with all evidence etc. Hadn't heard anything by mid-September so rang and was told my claim had been rejected due to no form being received. I explained I'd sent it off and they said we will send it to a decision panel and let you know but it'll be fine and then we'll send you another form. Today a letter arrived saying my case has been rejected and I need to formally appeal. What the hell?! How can this happen? What did I do wrong? Nothing. Has anyone had this happen to them? PIP is a lifeline for me since I don't qualify for ANY other benefits of any kind because I was a student (not a tax payer) when I fell ill. Seriously worried now and stress is only making me worse.

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similar thing happened to both my friends went to bank to find no payment had been paid into account said sent forms out in march neither received them heard so many of same story of this happening who ever is dealing with pip should be sacked and bring in someone else people are left with nothing to live on and no money to pay carers disgraceful


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