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Does anyone know anything about this medicine? Can you tell me if it is dangerous or side effects. Addictive?? My friend said, That's what her pulmonary Dr gives her when she have an exacerbation of her lungs. She told me to be careful with it. Why?? My doc didn't give me a diagnosis because I was suppose to go to the office last evening but my friends car had a flat tire. So my doc called in a prescription. He said if I am not feeling good in a couple of days to call him.

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There's no such medication listed in my (outdated) copy of the physician's "Monthly Prescribing Reference", so I googled it. There were a couple of somewhat meaningless, uniformative entries under that word, but I suspect they are just other people looking it up, and mis-spelling it, which I think you may have done. There ARE a lot of entries under "Benzonatate". It appears to be a pulmonary/cough medicine. You can Google it. There is a full entry on Wikipedia you can click on. Hope this helps.


Thank you for the info. Sorry about the delay response. I have been very sick haven't felt like doing much but try to sleep, and couching when I try. High fevers which were on top of my uncomfortable list along with coughing.

I went to the ER and I have Broncitis. My first time ever getting it and hopefully my last.

Well, got to go. Thanks again!


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