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Should I go to a and e now??

Anyone who follows my posts on here knows I've been struggling with meds , and fatigue etc, well today a just feel spaced out, dizzy and concerned. I have had a very low testosterone bloods come back bit I'm thinking I've accumulated some low blood pressure now, I never had these symptons a year or so when I was on much higher doses of these meds, it's a fight to get a gp appointment so should I just stop waiting for things to improve and shove myself in the hospital . What would you do ? I've been having a double rough time now for nearly two years.

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Have you not seen your GP at all since this has started? Low Testosterone can zap your energy.  You should get some injections, like once a month until that improves.  Do you have a blood pressure cuff.  Maybe you should invest in one.  You can usually get one for under 50.00 at Walmart, that's were I got mine about 2 years ago and I use it about 4 times a day as my bp is all over the place from  237/112 then when it drops to 70/40  I know what that feels get dizzy, my back starts hurting and it's hard to keep awake...sometimes I just black out.  But with some people even when it gets to about 100/60 they may feel the dizziness and extreme fatigue.  There's just not enough oxygen getting to the brain.  Today was the first day that I've seen your post.  So I'm not sure  if you are in your 20's or in your 50's etc.I just don't understand why you can't get into see your Doctor.  When you do go, you have to use a vocabulary that they understand, you can't just say you feel bad, explain exactly how you feel when this happens. When you feel dizzy do you have to sit down have you ever fallen when it happens, how weak do you feel. How about pain? Is it excruciating, sharp, pounding, does it take the ability away from you to function doing the bare things to just get by or do you not 'just get by"?  Hope you find some answers and I doubt they will admit you from an ER visit unless they think you've had a stroke or impending heart attack  or in respiratory failure and if they sent you home something bad would happen.  They will just tell you to follow up with your Dr.  Then they take your money.  Good Luck.  Aviva/Viv


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