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Fybro Madness

Hello everyone I really hope you can make me feel better, because I feel like I am going insane. I have been told from specialists that I have FM The pain is something I deal with but I can't get my head around the fybro fog . it upsets me, it scares me it scares me so much. Stupid things like having a conversation performing simple tasks paying bills and forgetting to eat. This is just a few but the list is endless. Of course famiklky and friends don't want to hear about your day to day struggles so you shut up, but then you feel they are judging you for not working or being active it's a nightmare and I feel so depressed. Do you have any advice especially with the fog. Thank you

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Fibro-fog is awful, the only way I seem to have it less often is by ensuring I don't get overtired. I'm retired now but when I was working, in a very stressful job, I found that even though I knew what I wanted to say, what came out of my mouth was different and I was aware other staff thought I was 'loosing it'.

I live a more relaxed lifestyle now, I have creative hobbies that I love doing and I don't do the heavy type of housework. My husband does the vacuuming and I get my ironing done 1x every 2 weeks, these 2 things have had a major impact on my day to day quality of life.

I realise that younger people with mortgages, young families and so on would find it difficult to live like this as they have time, various commitments and financial constraints. However, there are many younger fibromyalgia sufferers who have had to give up work and this may help them. Sometimes a friend or relative may be willing to help out for an hour or so, and be supportive in a specific way each week.

I know we don't look sick, but those who love and care about us will know that we do suffer and struggle, even if they don't understand all the complexities of fibro.

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Hi.. I suffer with FM too.. I totally understand where you are coming from.  Im very lucky i have a great family and friends who suffer too..  Look on facebook for a local FM support group.. They can be your saving grace to vent all your worries and angers with.  This condition makes you depressed, anxious and  angry, we all go through it.  You are NOT going insane at all so please remove that from your worries.  There's a post that goes around fb quite often in that i make lists so i dont forget shopping but then leave it on the kitchen side, thats me to a tee..  I have to have alarms on my mobile to remind me to take medication..  You would think the pain would remind me but no, as im sure you know we are always in pain so thats no reminder.  If you cant find a local group let me know (only just joined because i saw your post) not sure if theres a message one on this yet, but i run a local group and im a member of others so i can link you in if needed.  

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Can I suggest that you try the Fibro forum on this site. You can find it by browsing communities. We are all Fibro sufferers so can understand and help answer some of your questions. We're a friendly lot and don't bite 🐸


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