In the middle of aa great long FOG

Is there anyone out there? This fog is dense - a bit like I am finding myself these days. Would like to know how this fog affects others..........

I get frustrated when I can't remember basic things, can't understand sentences (verbal or written) , I drop things often, my fog feels my movements are in slow motion.......

Anyone care to share?

Heather x

2 Replies

  • I have to check that im going up the right street when out lol,my daughters watch me go back and forth in and out my kitchen trying to remember what im in there for,then they'll say mum,,your in there to make yourself tea!when thier in bed ive seen me in&out 5times before i realise what im there for lol,just the other day i turned the same wrong hob on twice then realised i was burning a plastic bottle of sunflower oil whilst trying to cook my kids a meal,that really upset me that i could possibly burn the house down, i hadnt even realised when i moved the bttle the first time however i did wonder whys this standing squinty was it doing that b4,i couldn't remember, loads of shop trips for me&my kids because i forget what's needed and lol right now i cant remember what else except my meds is a tricky one because of double dosing by accident, hope this helped?

  • Me too......struggling with the lack of brainpower and understanding. I mix up words and can't remember others......Look at folk in the street and don't know who they are............feel really (can't remember that word)......bad to them if you know what I mean. And I wish my hair wasn't so thin and lacking in the water in the swimming pool? I don't know....Take care Curlylocks.....(if that's your name....!)


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