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More to add to the list

Hi all,

I've not been on here for a while and wanted to write a quick post (hopefully) about what's happened lately. Firstly, I changed my doctor. The one that I was using who I thought was a wonderful person it seems was trying to fob me off. So I now have a new doctor who is lovely. I went to my old gp a couple of months ago because my lower back was hurting and when I saw her she said it was a disc problem and because of my illness it would take longer to get better for me than for a person without my illnesses. Anyway a month later my back was still sore so I decided to try a new dr. He is lovely. He sent me for an x-ray and guess what?? It turns out not to be a disc problem but I have arthritis in my lower spine. humour is the best medicine. I told my husband just add it to the list of everything else I have wrong with me. Now, due to my illness my mobility has gone down the pan. I need a wheelchair when going out and I need to use crutches and a trolley to get around the house. Now my knees have been problematic for years but have got worse during my time of illness. Two weeks ago my new dr sent me for an x-ray on my knees. My old doctor kept saying it was wear and tear and to be expected for my illness. Today my dr rang me to explain that I have arthritis in my knees. The left one is worse. So guess what??? Add it to the list. Do you find that since you became ill more things have happened to you? or found that like me you've had to add things to your own list??

Now the other thing that has happened to me I've not seen the dr for because I think it's a common problem amongst fibro sufferers (if I'm wrong please do tell me). I've started to lose my hair. It's not in clumps but I'm finding more of it on my brush and when I run my fingers through my hair it comes out. Has that happened to anyone else? There are hairs on my pillow (more than normal).

I try to laugh all of the time because I know if I start to cry I might not stop. It's just my way of coping and I know others are different. I will say that I'm happy to talk to anyone and if you ever want to talk then please feel free to contact me.

Sending you all gentle fibro hugs and much love

Kimberley (babebatista)


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I have moderate to severe back pain, due to Scoliosis. I have yet to find anything that helps with the pain. I love swimming and it usually helps take my mind off of the pain. However, I do not have a pool and do not have access to a gym with a pool. BTW, I am in my mid twenties and have had Scoliosis for over 10 years. It sucks :'(


Hi sorry for laughing!!!! But for one min I thought someone had my iPad and started to write about me LOL!! We have so much in common but has you know with fibromyalgia if I don't write something now I'll forget to contact you and share my almost same story has yours, I just have a little bit more too say, but just quick

Yes hair falling out, GPthinks I'm a user and one thing after another is unreal, I always feel grumpy and don't want too see my GP coz she makes me feel like I'm a hypo and a junkie an is not listening at all to me about my lower back!!!

So I'm off for a sleep coz it's exhausting being me lol but I will get back!!!! to you excuse the pun lol ..... Love & peace Claire .... Ps I might Be able to give yo a couple of answers xxxxxxxxp


Nothing to add apart from agreeing that laughter is the best medicine, even when it hurts!


I know what you mean about new problems being added to the list;I have just been diagnosed with epilepsy to add to the list...

I am also happy to correspond with you. At least we can moan to each other!


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