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After the consultation

Hello All,

I thought I would update after my recent consultation.

Neurologist said that it sounds very odd and that I will need an MRI scan, but he thinks it was a Migraine attack . I have never suffered from migraines, and never had terrible headaches. But you don't have to have a headache to have had a migraine.

So now I await an MRI scan. I did have an ECG that was normal so was told at least I have not had a heart attract as it would have shown on the read out. 😕

He did say I was fine on my B12 just to eat plenty of red meat and liver!

I am eating a well balanced, nutritionally rich diet and keeping active. Feeling a lot better but still get the twitch in my bottom lid of my eye and muzzy spot in my vision.

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Hi Shutup

Firstly I'm not a medical person at all so maybe I'm wrong but that sounds really odd to me. I know several people who suffer quite badly from migraines, my mother for one, and the one unifying symptom for all of them is blinding headaches. I always thought that was primarily what a migraine is, but as I say I'm not qualified to know.

The other thing that sounds odd to me is if your B12 is fine, why did he recommend you need to eat plenty of red meat and liver. Either it's fine or you need to boost it, one or the other. Plus I have twice had iron deficiency anaemia and twice had B12 anaemia. I was told that whilst iron can be boosted from the diet and/or tablets, B12 is more likely to be an absorption problem. If your levels are low it's no good looking at diet, you have to have the course of injections, which I did both times.

Personally I still get tingling sensations with ME/CFS, particularly in my lips and arms. Though for me it is not helped by the fact I had a serious bout of shingles about 14 years ago and that affects your nerve sensations. And yes the lips particularly were worse when I had the anaemia. One of my other many symptoms of the ME/CFS is twitchiness, particularly in the limbs.

Yes I would definitely carry on with the healthy diet as that is obviously good for you for all sorts of reasons but as you say I think you need to await your MRI as it all sounds very puzzling to me.

Look after yourself


Margaret :)

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I had recently posted about limb weakness. I have a right leg that drags and now have weakness in my right arm have been in hospital this week had an MRI, CT, scan because they thought I had a stroke but all was clear . They have no answers other than its the fibro.


Hi Shutup, great empathy for you, I too have a muzzy spot in one of my eyes and no one seems to know what to do with it, a symptom (with various others) of a B12 deficiency and 5 months on I am still not right :-(


Whoops, sent too soon, a newcomer at this. The MRI will show anything that is not right. I once had to have an MRI as I had a suspected mini stroke, even though I had not had a headache and have never had a migraine they thought it was caused by a migraine which apparently you do not always know you have had! Have you had a blood test to check your B12, you have very similar symptoms to me and mine was below 100, should be at least 600!

Best of luck with the MRI.



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