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chronic back and shoulder pain

For over a week now I have been suffering from really bad back and shoulder pain, it feels as if the muscles have tensed up and they are really tight. I have tried rubbing voltarol gel over my back and have also take painkillers but non of this works. There is no point making an appointment with the dr as i will have to wait about 3 weeks to see them and hopefully it will have gone by then. Can anyone suggest a way of getting rid of the pain.

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The things I would recommend are; 1st book an appointment as it could be referred pain from your heart, 2) A long soak in a warm, lavender & salt bath, 3) try a therapeutic massage and lastly but not least important look at what your head and heart might, metaphorically speaking, fighting about.

I hope that the pain is just tension between what your head wants and what your heart wants and nothing more serious.



Glad to say the pain seems to have eased. Have managed to find a local therapist. I will make an appointment to see her as soon as I can afford it. I am struggling for money at the moment and so it will have to wait. It is more important to be able to buy food than to have a massage!


when muscles tense up it is because of the reduced blood flow to them ( like cramp in the calf muscles). to correct this use heat, ie hot water bottle, massage, electric blanket in bed etc. also steroids work well and can be precribed by your GP.


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