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Hi there,I've just joined this community.I have had fibro since 2005.I have severe fm that has completely changed my life.And I have gradually been getting very ill again since over a year ago now.Iam a single mum with two sons,a 4 and 10 year old.Iam keen to meet others with this aweful condition as Iam quite isolated due to my illness and I have no friends for support apart from one lady whom I met through another community recently.Sending you all lots of gentle hugs xx

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  • I suggest you see a Field Control Therapist in your area. I know of one who is training me here in Canada who lives in the UK (ireland). The therapy will give you the best results. Work however, is needed on your part: a change in diet (candida diet) and abstinence for a couple of days from electromagnetics in the home during treatments.

  • Hi there,can you please explain to me in a bit more depth what this is as I've never heard of it,many thanks x

  • Check out yurkovsky.com. Or contact phoenixhealingcentre@yahoo.com.

  • There are also FCT practitioners in London.

  • Is there a link to a website where I can get info?x

  • There appears to be another community on health unlocked called fibro action

    Click on my communties then go to alphabet type in F and fibro action pops up, you couls perhaps try this one too x

  • ...I too was diagnosed with FM over 13 years ago and the pain and overall feeling was not good. As I had experienced 11 surgical interventions for TB and Crohns I blamed everything on that. However on retiring to Crete in 2004 I was diagnosed with Hashimotos in2005. My treatment plan has improved after learning so much from books and people on this forum.

    Initially I was on T4 but the FT3 remained at the bottom of the range for 7 years and so T3 was introduced. Since last October I am on just T3. Fibro pain - well I only notice it when I do too much or have a cold or something. No longer does it feel as if I am carrying sacks of coal on my shoulders !

    Bone pain and muscles pain can be helped by taking D3. Have you been tested for VitD along with corrected Calcium ? It can make a big difference. I was taking 5000 IU's in the winter which I have now reduced to 5000 as it's hot and sunny.

    It was so bad in my 40's that I gave up working for others and had my own business - so I could creep away in the afternoons, crawl home and sleep....so debilitating.

    I'm now much stronger and enjoy an active life. Read as much as you can on this forum and ask lots of questions. Check out Shaws in the Directory as she has excellent links to Dr Lowe and his website. His site is in probate but shaws has a way in ! He treated FM as a Metabolic Illness and linked in the Thyroid.

    Good luck - and hopefully you will soon be well...........

  • what's T4 T3 and D3? i've had fibro for 17 yrs but have never heard of these

  • ....ooops - sorry ! Thought I was on the Thyroid forum ! Everything mentioned above relates to HealthUnlocked for Thyroid ! All connected though - so do have a read !

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