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What to do when your pain is bad



I’ve had a rough couple weeks lately and I really need something that helps with the pain or at least distracts me from it, do you have any ideas?

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Hi there,

Have you tried, or has your Neurologist suggested Baclofen?

My wife takes it, twice daily, 20mg and it helps to relax the muscles as she suffers from Spasms.

Best Wishes!


Get rid of all meds and take canabis oil or smoke it works fantastic for me

I would make appointment at doctors, he explain the to and why it is happening, he will also give you some tablets for the pain , mine has I haven't any problems with my doctor

I get severe pain in my right foot. When its really bad I soak in a hot tub, as hot as I can stand it. This calms the nerves. I also take Gabapentin, but a very small amount.

I take CBD oil and valerian root for pain. For distraction I will write a to do list for myself. I have coping strategies in a list which are just my hobbies, and I try to use those when I’m not feeling well. For me my first go to is going for a run ( my leg isn’t working well lately) so I go the next thing photography, reading, learn something new,call an old friend, organize the closet, clean the car, go for a walk.... etc . I think it’s important to keep busy and feel productive, at least for me. Hope this helps!

I take Gabapentin already for my migraines, and we upped the dose a bit to help with the nerve pain. It doesn't take it away completely but it does make it manageable. I am fortunate enough to live in a place where medical marijuana is legal, and honestly that has helped more than anything. I use a heavy one for sleeping, and I have a CBD THC vape pen combo for the day. Without it, I wouldn't be functioning nearly as well.

Why can’t doctors understand your pain is real this is horrible!!!!!

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