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At my wits end!!!!!!!!!!!

Well Wednesday evening saw me have yet another setback, I have lost my speech , have really bad chest pain and am totally exhausted and now the base of my left foot has gone numb. I had a MRI on my brain 2 weeks ago and get the results middle of december and I really hope I get some answers. This is the 3rd bad do in the last 6 weeks and I am now so depressed and am finding it hard to carry on. Having no speech is so isolating and makes it difficult for people to visit only one good friend has been in to see me so I just wait for texts. I live with my 17 year old son and I can tell he is really worried but when I ask him he says he is fine. I can put up with the pain if I have too but the loneliness is getting too much. Sorry to moan but at least on this site I can say how I really feel. Hope you are all having the best day you can x

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do you get headache or brain fog feel anything like that right before you loose your speech?

and if so can you tell which side of head? This is such a frustrating disorder but you are not alone and moan away all you need.


Hi never ever get headaches but just get a really funny sensation but was at one time diagnosed as having hemi plegic migraine. Still no speech and extreme fatigue x


when you say funny feeling is it in your body or more in your head. I get almost like a pressure/squeezing hard to describe feeling in my head. It is more on the front or right side for me. not always. but just read where right side of brain controls speech and it was leaving a couple different people without the ability to talk at all. There MRI's were good but noticed pain/aura/sensation on right side more when it effected their speech. Just was curious if it had the same tendency for those with FND. I sure hope it comes back soon for you, and the fatigue goes as well..


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