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Speech issues.. help please!


I could really use some advise from everyone who has had FND that caused them issues with their voice.

My FND issues started out in Dec of 2008, when I caught a cold, and I lost my voice. My cold came and went, but my voice has continues to have problems ever since.

We originally thought maybe it could have been due to acid reflux, as I was battling with it at the time, which lead me to having stomach surgery to correct the problem. Unfortunately, all it corrected was the reflux. My voice continued to have on again, off again problems and now swallowing problems.

I have seen multiple specialists, one of which helped me to get 6 consecutive months worth of my voice, only to have it go out again. 2 years after my voice issues I began having movement issues from head to toe as well as non epileptic AND epileptic seizures that I had never had before.

I have been to cbt, psych, physical and speech therapies, with multiple docs. We were fortunate to find the right meds for seizures, and it has knocked them way down, and over the years the moments have significantly decreased thank goodness! But my speech therapist have tried everything they can think of under the sun to help. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't. 🤷 I have become so unpredictable which is not fun.

If you have dealt with speech issues, and have found things to overcome them, my therapist and I would greatly appreciate your advise!

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Try the carnivore diet, and pray about your problem. Also try quit the meds eventually if you can, they may hurt you long term.

That is low tone in the vagus nerve which is the 10 Cranial nerve - the nerve is the longest nerve in the body and is like a tree root in nature, insofar as it how it functions in the body. I have had progressively worsening challenges with my voice/throat/swallowing over the past three years, and it was confirmed a few weeks ago by my treating Nuerologist that my vagus nerve was inflamed - inflamation = low tone .. I also spoke to another FND friend of mine and she has the exact same symptoms as me when it comes to the throat area. That said, treatment. After listening to Dr Yoni Whitten and Mark Robert Waldham, I know understand that neuro chiropractors are experts in the central nervous system. The vagus nerve runs straight through the cns - After getting off that webinar I called a chiropractor who has advanced training encompassing Nuero and he indeed confirmed the above. I am to see him next week. He is aware of the complexities of FND because unbeknown to me, and maybe you, they are 'functional' experts and I am not referring to cracking bones . i am referring to have an innate understanding of the cns the brain, how they enteract, how they function, etc .. The webinar was actually about how current chronic pain management protocols, their ineffectiveness, and the next generation chronic pain eradication protocols. They have been developed by Dr Whiten and Robert Waldham, who is an expert in mindfulness, meditation, the brain. The protocol presented is the protocol that is to be implemented into the universities and taught. I hope this helps you. Chat me if you would like to.

I understand that all these people are experts, but really, they have no clue what they are talking about. There is nothing wrong with your brain or nerves. The problem is always with inflammation, so you need to find a way to get rid of that inflammation. For me it was removing basically all carbs, legumes, grains, starches etc. Do try a diet of meat, healthy fats/oils and cooked leafy greens and see if you improve. There is nothing to lose at this stage is there? You should see improvement in a week or 2

cgarff in reply to Tannertick715

Thank you, I will look into it.

cgarff in reply to Collie44

So i have gone to a neuro chiropractor before for several years. He ended up causing me more movement problems at the end unfortunately. I don't know if it was all just psychosomatic or what, but I ended up having to stop. Who knows if he was trained in the info your docs had or not. I would love to hear how your appt went.

Collie44 in reply to cgarff

it's hard to say isn't it .. we are all on such a unique journey with FND .. and so what may work for one will not work for another. I hope that you have been able to find a more suitable alternative.

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