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A Life of Balance

A Life of Balance

A word by meaning is a condition in which different elements are equal or in the correct proportions. I personally like the term used for Sailing: the ability of a boat to stay on course without adjustment of the rudder. WOW! wouldn’t that be nice. I don’t know many, if anyone, that gets through life with the ability to stay on course without some kind of adjustment along the way. Life is all about balance. What is balance for one is not always balance for another. Life is stressful and full of obstacles. This is the case whether you are CEO of a large corporation, doctor (yes even psychologists and neurologist feel stress), a caretaker, or the living with a condition or disorder of any kind. As I sail through my life on the FND vessel there are days I don’t think my boat even has a rudder. The calm waters can feel few and far between. Living with a functional neurological disorder can feel like sailing into the “perfect storm”. It is easy to fall into a cycle of either preparing for another storm, being in the eye of it, or recovering. Sometimes our fear of the cycle is deeper than the ocean. We loose sight of our course and who we are supposed to be. But as the sun breaks through the perfect storm we must fix our rudder and find balance. If we are not looking for balance FND symptoms will take over our lives completely. A Functional Neurological Disorder is what I have; not who I am. My “new” good friend Lynda mentioned an article as food for thought for the website, and I immediately knew she was right on course with it. I truly hate FND it has taken many things from me, but I wouldn’t be truthful if I didn’t say It has also sent me many blessings in my life. I have made new wonderful friends, and I have learned to find joy in the simple things. I appreciate the fact I can walk across the street or through the mall with my daughters, and I appreciate even more those around me that drive me to town or make me laugh. This journey has given me a perspective of why balance is so important. Balance does bring joy, and joy will relieve stress.

I don’t always get it right, but I do have the ability to adjust my rudder.

How do you find balance?

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