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Has anyone tried TMS for FND, My girlfriend already did 10 sessions and doctor suggested another 10, they helped alot especially with depression and anxiety. Wondering if anyone tried it. Thanks

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I did TMS in 2019 after having my worst flare with FND in 12 years that left me debilitated with new symptoms I had never experienced: I couldn’t sleep because I would shake & have movements all night, muscle fasicullations all over my making exercise impossible ( something I always used to help symptoms), deep fatigue, memory loss, etc. I also developed severe depression for the 1st time in my life.

TMS helped a lot, but I had to do 2 complete rounds (which involve 36 each) for it to stick. I took a small break between sessions so that insurance would cover both (6 weeks). Pretty much the only symptoms left are fatigue & occasionally muscle twitching in my legs.

It definitely gave me my life back, I work full-time, raise 3 boys one who is disabled with Phelan-mcdermid syndrome, & am back to training for a half-marathon.

I did other things post TMS that helped: testosterone pellets every 4 months as my levels were almost none, thyroid medication for hypothyroidism, take liposomal glutathione daily for 15 months, mitochondrial support (acetyl-l-carnitine, alpha lipoic acid), and saffron 15mg 2x/day. I do take 7.5mg Valium to sleep since I started that before I found TMS and couldn’t get off it with the treatment (I tried). Good luck 👍🍀

Rob186 in reply to Junebeatle

Thank you so much for sharing this with me, wish you a good luck and keep safe

What is TMS and who administers that?

Rob186 in reply to admiralinwi

It's Transscranial magnetic stimulation, a noninvasive procedure that uses magnetic fields to stimulate nerve brain cells, in Malta there is a clinic that does it

admiralinwi in reply to Rob186

Like the country of Malta? Do they do it in the US too?

Rob186 in reply to admiralinwi

I'm pretty sure they do, maybe check with your gp

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