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Anyone taking anticonvulsants?



I have been taking anticonvulsants Lithium & Lamictal, for Bipolar disorder for 5 years. I had a serious injury due to hypermobile joints this past year (my hip dislocated and bruised my femur) and I haven't worked since.

I was told to take Ibuprofen at high to maximum amounts for about 6 months. At the end of those 6 months, I was diagnosed with FND after a series of neurological issues that, at worst, paralyzed my legs I still walk with a cane.

Anyway! The important bit. It turns out the anticonvulsant I've been taking, Lithium, mimics FND when at a toxic level in the blood and brain. Turns out the Ibuprofen affects kidney filtration and Lithium is contraindicated- meaning it causes Lithium to go toxic in the blood & brain.

Now, I carry the FND diagnosis w/ Bipolar and I'm struggling to find any physician that will even consider the idea that my neuro issues were/are related to chronic central nervous system toxicity.

My most recent ER trip was following a med adjustment. My most recent ataxic episode was following an accidental, mild overdose.

Anyone out there taking anticonvulsants??

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I would talk to the doctor who subscribes your lithium and other meds. Also stop the high dose of ibuprofen

Thank you. I stopped taking the ibuprofen in June and my doctors are all aware of these things. They keep insisting these symptoms are FND rather than considering drug interactions could be occurring. I was hoping someone out there may have run into something like that.

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