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Salivary test


Hi, has anyone done a salivary test for neurological disorder or immune disorder? Thanks

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Yes, I've has most immune disorder and metabolic and thyroid tests available, including ultrasound scans of my endocrine glands and parathyroid. I did a saliva cortisol test through my endocrinologist. Probably more, but I've had sooo many I lose track.

Thanks for replying back to me. Since, I am not getting anywhere with a neurologist I thought maybe I should reach out to a internal medicine doctor and ask them for a salivary test and and anything is needed.

I'm thinking to see a natural pathetic doctor, because they fix the root of the problem not just the symptoms, doctors just keep given you medications for the symptoms and after you end up with more problems because of the side effects.

Batty1 in reply to Ottaw

What type of issues are you having ?

Ottaw in reply to Batty1

Since last year I have difficulty walking, my leg feels heavy and weak some days I have to drag my leg ,can't control my bladder, pins and needles all over my leg which gets worse at night, can't handle the humidity and when it rains i get electrical shock all over my back, and dizziness.

I sae a Naturopath as my primary doc for 8 years. Absolutely worth it. Managed my Bipolar, chronic pain, asthma, common cold, etc all at once. I had a change of health insurance and the fallout of FND which meant I had to stop and change to "conventional" medicine.

Very worth it, in my opinion.

I wish they could diagnose the possibility of MS!!

Yeah, its work looking into. Probably the best place to start as FND resembles it. It was where my doctors started. I had several MS tests done but my imaging came back very clean.

Had appointment with a internal medicine doctor he thinks it's vascular, need more testing.

Good luck! It's a journey, no matter what the diagnosis. Best thing I can share is to make peace with uncertainty as you go through tests. I made myself practically sick with hope and disappointment, over and over. It's a marathon not a race. Take care! :)

I totally understand, keep you posted and in a meanwhile don't give up hope😊🙏

Can you share your naturopath info?

They are in Washington State. Not sure if you live here, but I can share if you do.

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