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Do i have fnd


I have had several health issues that the doctors cant seem to figure out and just last week i started shaking in my left hand but at its worst it has been my whole body and twice now i have started stuttering. I am going to my doctors and just wanted to know what to tell him.

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Yes, yes, yes! I love this post you hit the head on the nail! My neurologist asked me if I had anything traumatic happen to me, (who hasn’t?) it took me a couple minutes but I admitted that 7 years ago I had left an abusive marriage and it left me and my babies homeless and struggling financially and I regret telling him that because it’s been held against me ever since! He sent me to cognitive therapy and the therapist released me after six months with her conclusion that I was fine.

Aegon1234 in reply to Chingona

I have been to so many doctors this last year and they all find somthing that dosnt even comsist of my complaints and fix that. The whole time im getting worse. But i insisted that i only get treated by thia one dr. That always seems to listen to me. He dosnt agree that fnd is a thing but a lot of his treatments are some of the same that ive read about on here but he logicalizes them as to why they are important and he swears he wont give up on helping me as long as i dont try to hurt myself. He just wants to exhaust the more serious syptoms first and move down the list from there.

Id say first go to the hospital ER..n get checked out..Family drs don't always know too much about time u have a symptom just go to the ER.. hopefully they can check out a couple things run tests and by process of elimination diagnose you with fnd... then take it from there with whatever they diagnose you with...wish uthe best ...chris

Aegon1234 in reply to Cmb3210

Ive spent the last two months in the hospital for going to the er only to get discharged because they didnt know what it was. But i saw my doctor who is against the diagnosia of fnd. But feels that he has to treat in syptom from worst to least and then arrange a plan to incorperat all my problems by cutting mesications out that are already being used and adding new that arnt. That way if fnd is real hes treating it without acknowledging it. If it takes away my pain and stops the shaking. Ill go with that. I dont need a diagnosis just reliefe.

Cmb3210 in reply to Aegon1234

I don't think it's good for him to start giving u diff. meds... if it is functional neurological disorder it's not good to take meds ...all meds are is a Band-Aid that will eventually rip off...a diagnosis is very important..I've made studying fnd my life forthe past 2 and a half wife was diagnosed with fnd oct 2016...may i ask where u are from...and what hospital u went wife was lucky..we have the university of penn real close by..its one of the best hospitals In America...wishing u the best

Hi Aegon1234.

Sorry your not feeling to well. I'm only a newbie here but yes what you described is mentioned by some folks here in the news feeds.

Have you went to your doctor yet, if so how did you get on? Please try strong , I know it's hard but your inner strength will help you get through this. Please let me know when you get to see your doctor how you got on okay?.

Sending hugs of vibes if comfort light and healing your way.🤗🤗🤗🤗🙏🙏

Sorry Aegon1234 I just seen your updated message.

If it's not NFD it just may be Fibro myalgia syndrome FMS . These systems you described are also related to it.

I so hope you will get some relief very soon. I find a warm heat pad really helps calm the tremor and then a lukewarm to cool but but cold 10 minutes later helps also. I know it sounds like a total contradiction, but the heat pad help's the spasm and the cool pad help's the inflammation. I so hope you will get some answers soon. For shake's the best pain relief recommend by neurologist is neurophen/Ibobruphen painkillers as there is a anti inflammatory and nerv pain ingredient in it.

I so wish you good health and happiness dear soul.🙏🤗 Keep strong 🤗 Ce.

Aegon1234 in reply to Keepstrong

My doctor put me on a cocktail of nerve meds. They have helped the shaking and lifted my mood a lot. This week we try to tackle the pain. With all the meds though he is worried he cant help with the fatigue. A dietion is another option he will bring in and more excercise has been mentioned. I also see a heart and vascular doctor this week as they can only find a slight pulse from my waist down.

Yes i went yeasterday. My doctor claims that fnd is a copt out for doctor and took all my issues down and says we will start with the most serious first and work our way down. He said he may not be able to cure all of them but he will do his best to make them better. I already have a small improvement with what he put me on. And hope for the best. Thank you for your words of support.

Keepstrong in reply to Aegon1234

I'm so happy for you that you have such a fabulous doctor. They are very hard to find these days. It's just so unfortunate that so many doctors don't see the scientifically proof in research that Neurologcal muscle disorder , fibro myalgia syndrome, myalgic encephalomyelitis, Chronic Fatigue are all very physically real conditions that are all in the Arthritis and MS Multiple sclerosis family. They are all connected to the sencerys connected to the brain signals and just because some of these conditions don't show up in the brain MRI scan, it has been found in reach that the actual brain signals to the command center so to speed of the body is what is damaged and can cause a lot of other physical conditions. So there for a lot of doctors really need to go back to study the research to a lot of physical conditions that use to be foged off as psychiatric mental health conditions. They use to do the same with multiple sclerosis when it first effected people, they use to sanction them till an actual medical consultant himself got it then the research began just before he died an they discovered it was a actually really physical condition and named it creeping paralysis till it scared so many they changed it to multiple sclerosis. But I'm delighted though that you are getting every kind of investigation as to your conditions, maybe he needs to get you to a worfen clinic to help your blood flow so you can get the pulse an blood oxygen into the parts your body that need it? I hope this weekend beings you so much Pain relief and happiness. Message me anytime , it's always great to hear from you 🤗🤗🤗🤗🙏

You’re so right! I cracked up with your bone spur comment, that’s exactly how I feel about it!

Have you been tested for autoimmune encephalitis? It’s a Blood test that any doctor can order but they have to send it to the Mayo labs in Rochester Minnesota.

Aegon1234 in reply to Momofson

I dont know. But i doubt it. Nut my new dr. Is doing a lot of things so it may be on the list of test and meds he has planned for me.

Momofson in reply to Aegon1234

You’ll probably have to ask for it. So many doctors don’t even know about it! The blood tests have to be sent to Mayo labs for testing.

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