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What is FND?

Hi everyone! My name is Mary and I've been suffering from chronic joint pain for around 4 years. It started off as a few sprained ankles and wrists but has now developed into constant pain. It affects all my joints especially my knees and wrists. I find it very difficult to write and it basically is affecting everything. I've seen countless doctors and they have all come up with very little answers. Someone asked if id heard of FND so I decided to check it out. I've done some research but in all honestly i don't really understand it. Would someone be able to explain what FND is? Any answers/experiences would be appreciated.

Thank you in advance!! 😊

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I have joint pain too along with alot of other symptoms I have FND and the way it was explained to me was my brain works fine and my body works but the signals going between the two gets mixed up sometimes it says my body is in pain sometimes I struggle with speach and sometimes I can't walk very well but it changes depending on the day


Hi Functional Neurological Disorder is a term used by many Neurologists (and can be diagnosed by one) to describe the break down between communication between the brain and the nervous system.

Different people have different symptoms and often people with organic issues such as MS and Parkenson's Disease can have FND at the same time. Often people are mis-diagnosed and for many people symptoms range from complete immobility (as in a wheelchair user) to chronic pain. I personally would have some tests on regarding carpel tunnel or arthritis (including the rare forms)

Here is a great website:

Also there are numerous facebook groups (internationally and by country)

I have written about my journey from diagnosis (and mis-diagnosis) and currently have been informed by one of my specialists (in FND/Conversion Disorder) that 9 out of 10 patients coming to him DO have an organic based condition, but often GP'S give up testing for certain things (take Lyme Disease for example). The fight for the patient is to keep asking, find a good neurologist/or a GP who knows the latest research.

Physiotherapist with a specialist in chronic pain management? I could list a whole lot of other options as well, but my symptoms tire me out very easily.

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Some good answers here. I would add that vitamin D3 (400UI) a day stopped my joint pain and B50 complex stopped majority of my tingling in extremities. Hope of some help x God bless

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