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Hi all. Happy New Year. I've been diagnosed with fnd and a few other things for near 2 years now and prior to catching the flu just before Christmas, I thought my recovery was well on track. Since I've had several relapses affecting speech, memory etc. balance, tics, tremor and temporary paralysis again. Does anyone else have the same issue? In reality is this going to keep happening periodically? Bit gutted as I thought I was genuinely going to get 100% better. Dave.

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Keep focused on getting 100% better. A fnd specialist told me that it can happen but it's a slow process. I could hardly walk 2yrs ago, had terrible jerks and spasms and chronic pain. I couldn't bend at any of my joints, was on huge doses of medication, including anti spasmodics and tramadol and I spent a lot of time in bed.

Now I take no medication at all, my walking is good, I've even run several times, my stiffness is gone and so has most of my pain.

I still experience unexpected relapses where I am totally exhausted and have to sleep for several days and feel absolutely awful, but even so it is so much better than it used to be and I cling on to what the specialist said.

The physio also told me that I have to keep moving, so I do, everyday. I walk and cycle and stretch. Especially when my body resists.

I think you can recover too.

I'm currently happy with feeling ok 75% of the time, compared to rarely a few years ago.

Thanks very much for the reply and good luck on your journey 👍🏻

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Hi and thanks for responding.

I get relapses of FND.

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Hi and thanks for responding.

Hi Dave, I have read on here before about viruses causing relapse symptoms, some also think that their FND symptoms started through viruses too. I too caught a cold before Xmas, 3 weeks on and still haven’t shook it off but mine definitely wasn’t flu which I’m grateful for. A cold makes you feel rough and extra tired but I’d doesn’t seem to make symptoms worse luckily. Happy New Year 🥳 My FND and recovery is nearly 4 years now, pacing is my major problem, pushing too hard which causes relapses, frustration from not improving as much as I’d hoped for. Hopefully this year will bring more improvements.

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Hi, hopefully and thanks for responding.

dear Dave

hi its good to meet you when i was up at kings u was told that FND was being treated as a long term condition and i was told you could get back to a good standard but your never be 100% and that its going to be a bumpy ride

hope this helps


Hi, at least I know now and thanks for responding.

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