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5 years and still remaining resilient


Hello to all the beautifully strong will powered people with this diagnosis. I’ve been challenged with this illness for 5 years and the following is a list of all the symptoms I have faced and still dealing with:

- 20 plus seizures per day (2 yrs prior) 2-10/wk currently

- low blood pressure causing fainting and lack of oxygen to the brain.


-numbness in left arm

-facial drooping

-weakened and slow motor functioning of limbs

-slower cognitive function inclusive of speech

-extreme jabbing sharp pains & numbness in right hip flexor and numbness and tingling from thigh down to the toe ( sciatica was ruled out)

-eye fluttering

-extreme migraines

I’ve come to live with this diagnosis as well, although I find it very challenging to accept.

Most days I am positive, however today I feel defeated.

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Todays’ defeat is a set back. Tomorrow is a new day so remain positive.

A big cyber 🤗 hug just for you. 🤗🤗🤗


Alwayd rember inner strength inside

And your family XXX

Before I meet this support group I felt

lone not knowing what happens to me

You guys thankyou

Support xx

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Agreed!! I’m so beyond blessed for the support I’ve received on here!

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