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Undiagnosed Symptoms


Hello everybody, I'm new to this forum, and I really need help.

I've been sick for one year without a successful diagnosis, my symptoms are: extreme fatigue with brain fog, light sensitivity, weakness in extremities, lately my hands get gripped and my ring finger is twitching all day.

Could somebody help me?, some ideas of what could be affecting me?

Thanks in advance, David.

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Get tested for Lyme and Bartonella by Igenex. None of the standard tests from your regular doctor are good enough. Then have a Lyme literate medical doctor review your results.

Watch the documentary on Lyme called Under Our Skin.

There are many doctors that will try and diagnose you with something else but the truth is Lyme bacteria carried by ticks, mites, fleas, is everywhere.

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Thanks MJ, he is going to docs today so will ask for a test for those too. Will update on how we get on. He’s way too anxious to watch the documentary atm but will defo put on he watch list for me!

Hopeful40 in reply to ClIffyuk

Please know that you will have to step out of the conventional medical to get the correct testing for Lyme and co infections because they are not able to acknowledge chronic lyme because of CDC guidelines that they must follow that are inaccurate and outdated unfortunately.

I would recommend going to a Naturopathic Physician or Functional Dr that it Lyme Literate that can do the testing and give guidance.

Wishing you all the best on regaining your health. Remain hopeful.


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Thanks, unfortunately I can't get Igenex in the country I'm living in, I'm going to get an ELISA done next week.

It could be FND with chronic fatigue syndrome. Try doing light yoga in front of a big TV for a slow, gradual improvement in symptoms.

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Thanks, will do it.

Hello. I just saw you post. Nice to meet you. Where do you live and how are you feeling now?

I would also recommend being tested for Lyme and co infections. I believe this is a worldwide problem unfortunately effecting many of us and we are unable to get a correct diagnosis in the conventional medical as they are unable to acknowledge chronic lyme.

Are you able to find a Naturopathic Physician or Functional Doctor who is Lyme Literate? Get tested Via Igenex, Advanced Labs, Armin in Germany or a dark microscope. You could get a clinical diagnosis and start treatment of some sort to reduce the toxic load, repair the gut and boost the immune system.

If you would like I can post some links for you that I have found helpful about Lyme.

Remain hopeful and may you find your answers for continued health.

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Hello Hopeful40, how are you?, I'm living in Brazil, have been feeling bad since last year, my ring finger is twitching really bad, I got an ELISA for Lyme Disease, was negative, do you know what could be causing this, MS, heavy metals ... ?

Thank you.

Hopeful40 in reply to Hidden

Hi. I am doing ok. Thank you. Unfortunately the Elisa test is not accurate because if one has Lyme/Tick Borne Illness for a while it is Chronic and will not be detected on the test. The conventional medical does not recognized Chronic Lyme Disease which is leaving many being diagnosed incorrectly. Also it is not just Lyme Disease it is co-infections that one has also if it becomes Chronic.

Do you have the ability to be seen by a Naturopathic Physician?

Do you ever remember having a tick on you or a rash?

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Hello Hopeful40, don't remember having a tick or a rash, I have to travel to USA in January next year, can I wait to get Igenex there?, or could it be dangerous to wait for six months?

Hopeful40 in reply to Hidden

I did not have a rash or recall a tick either.

Do you have the ability to see a Naturopathic Physician that is Lyme Literate where you live?

If it is this building the immune system and detoxing are very important. I would recommend eliminating gluten, dairy and sugar from your diet. I started these things before I had an accurate result and I know it helped to build my body back up.

I would also recommend this book. I use it as a resource often and it helps with a better understanding to build the body back up. Dr. Bill Rawls is offering his book until the end of the month for free just shipping.

Feel free to message if you need anything.

Will post link.


This is an excellent resource for a better understanding.

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Thank you so much, but can I wait until January or is it too dangerous?

If your unable to be tested until January I would read more about this and work on building up the immune system as well as detoxing. If you order that book by Dr. Rawls he is very helpful in helping to guide to restore the body and he actually offers a protocol if one wanted to do as well.

I personally did not treat with any medications. I chose the natural route and I am regaining my health. Please reach out anytime and wishing continued health.

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