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Feeling useless

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It was speech therapy yesterday and although she seemed positive she did say. It would take baby steps and a considerable amount of time. Having to take a taxi there and back I slept when I got back and was worn out. She said to do word searches and stuff but I can't even hold my phoñe up today and still feel so exhausted. Feel so down I don't know what I'm going to cope with this .

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Hey dart hick your speech will improve I went through a terrible stage where nothing but sloppy noises came out of my mouth plus take into account a year ago all my teeth and gums were surgically removed to increase blood flow to my brain i do have a slight problem with using ok Google I hope this makes you smile it does me every bloody time I say OK Google it redirects me instantly to sites on how to learn the English language omg sheffield born and bred but now I guess I speak my own language so please think of me and dig in lady big respect mat

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Dartchick in reply to Mat08

Thank you for your reply, it did make smile. These past few days I just feel so down hoping it will pass and the pain will get away. Frustrating and don't know how fix it. Hugs x

Honey, don't let that get you down. Just after a rough night with back and leg spasms, it takes me nearly a week to recover. We're told to FEAR NOT 365 times. That's 1 for every day. There's a reason for that. Sometimes I can't use my voice. Sometimes I can't use my hands and arms. Sometimes I can't walk. Sometimes I can't move at all. SOMEtimes. Just like SOMEtimes it rains. Does it rain 365 days a year? No. Do you have to suffer 365 days a year? No. When you are down to nothing, focus on the things you CAN do. If I'm lying in my bed and can't get up, yeah I'll cry over my own situation for a minute, but then I'm praying for somebody else, and what they're going through. Find ways to seize a moment, even if it looks like Hell, because you were made to shine - so don't go another day feeling flat. There's a song by Sister Hazel called "Change Your Mind". This is only a part of it:

Hey hey

Have you ever danced in the rain

Or thanked the sun

Just for shining,

just for shining

Or the sea?

Oh no, take it all in

The world's a show

And yeah, you look much better,

Look much better when you glow

Yeah yeah

I bet you haven't heard

A word I've said

Yeah yeah

If you've had enough

Of all your tryin'

Just give up

The state of mind you're in

If you want to be somebody else,

If you're tired of fighting battles with yourself

If you want to be somebody else

Change your mind

###keep your head up - you got this!### :)

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Bailey09 in reply to Heartofgold

That's was great , i will try and stay positive, Thankyou

Hi, Matt is spot on. Takes a while before we can laugh at ourselves. There's a bend in our tunnel and we have to keep moving until we get to the point where we can see the first rays of light starting to appear.

On my first Neuro appointment the wise man told me my speech was bazaar, lot of help that did. But it got my back up and worked with speech therapy for short time. The best improvement I started to make was when I started to read the grandchildren story books to them. The words were easier and the sentences short. They stopped noticing my pronunciation and just enjoyed me doing it. I felt great. Many years later I still struggle with speech but am miles better than during the onset/beginning.

It will come, the brain will make new pathways and slowly it will all come together.

My best wishes for the journey we all travel. Take care, easy does it.

Hi I've been put down for speech therapy, what do they do ? Also I get lose terrible symptoms what you have, but I can't write since I had this ,

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Dartchick in reply to Bailey09

Hi hun, they gave me things to do like blowing up cheeks and giving kiss. Sticking tongue out and moving it one side and other. She also gave me puzzles that you have to find the words there is a thing that jumbled up your picked words and makes it into a puzzle. Alomst rwo weeks and I don't think any better but other half said yes xx

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Bailey09 in reply to Dartchick

Thankyou for replying back to me , it sounds strange, but I'm willing to try anything

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Dartchick in reply to Bailey09

It's not strange at all. Just remember to stop when you get tired she said it will make things worse xx

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