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FND symptoms have disappeared!! is this normal? Advice needed...


I wondered if anyone would be able to help me understand.

I had disabling low back pain that came on first as a slight localised tingling and went on to severe and painful muscle cramps, which left me bed ridden for 2 weeks. The pain started to subside but never fully went away, instead turned into an uncomfortable deep itch/stretching feeling which came and went. So I got back on my bike. I felt great when I cycled but uncomfortable when I had finished so I stopped it. Forward 1 1/2 months and I start to feel weakness in my left foot which then started to radiate up my leg. At the most extreme I was unable to feel my leg to walk and became so weak that I ended up in hospital for 2 days. I had other symptoms in my neck and left arm too, with on and off blurred vision and tingles coming and going in other parts of my body. I failed neuro exams on my left side which prompted the doctor to order MRI of head and spine to check for demyelination, however, he said he thinks I MIGHT have FND but wants MRI to be sure. So he prescribed nortryptaline 1x10mg which at first had me sleeping like a baby then gave me insomnia, so I came off it for a few days and chose to tough it out until I could get Dr appt. I'm signed off work, i struggled with stairs and long distance walking, my left calf muscle loses strength. I also start getting red pin spot type bruises on my body which look like track marks. So I start to think, "okay, this is going to be a journey" then all of a sudden my symptoms pretty much disappear. I wake up one day and I can walk. The strength is back. Tingles have almost gone. Twitching has stopped and can tense my calf muscle. Is this normal? Again I try to find out online but I don't see a lot written about symptoms just disappearing like that. I don't have MRI appt yet but I have neuro appt on 11th September and a part of me feels both will be a waste of resources when someone else can use it. I know I've written a lot and given some detail but really the question is in the title. Can FND disappear?

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My only concern that popped into my head when I read this was MS. I would still get an MRI just in case, because with MS, you can have flare-ups that will aggravated symptoms and then times when your basically feeling good. Just my two cents, but I really hope your symptoms are gone for reals!!!

Hi In our Support groups we have heard of symptoms just going and they can stay gone for quite a while or they come back, Im not sure why this happens but some FND Sufferers have gone into Remission, If you are worried about it maybe have a chat with your Dr if they are supportive or wait do a diary so you can show your neurologist, just be mindful of your body though and dont get over working yourself because if it all comes back it could come back twice as bad as youve pushed your body, Just take care of yourself and set limits. Good luck and all the best... Sal Admin and UK Patient Support Coordinator xx

Wow congratulations to you I wish I could wake and be back to the old me ! They do say it can go away as quickly as it came but also can return at any time! Enjoy been you and don't stress about finding answers this is the best possible outcome for you !!

Yes. Has happened to me twice - both times as suddenly as my symptoms can come on - that is within minutes. First time I was symptom free for about 16 weeks. Second time about 18 months...and counting.

I have also been diagnosed with ME which is known to cause similar symptoms (apart from the spasticity of walking which is what the FND diagnosis relates to). This also is known to have a relapsing/remitting pattern in some people.

Just take care, balance things and walk round as if on eggshells for a while. First sign of things flaring up again, cut all your activity back to bare minimum. Keep focussed on how your health is going and watch out for any glitches, noting what it might possibly be that causes them. You might be able to keep things on an even keel for long enough your brain systems might reset. That's where I hope I am at.

Of course I don't know what caused it to all go wrong in the first place and it seems no-one can tell me so there's never a guarantee of being 'cured' but whatever this is it's good enough...

I am so happy about your remission!! Isn't the brain weird?! I hope that I go into remission too. I have heard of it happening to other people. If you want, you can cancel your neurology appointment and leave a note that your symptoms went into remission. If you do go, tell your neurologist about the red pin spot bruises like tracks--What would cause that? You may want to get an HIV test just to be safe, but I've never heard of HIV causing red pin spot bruises.

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