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FND symptoms/Overwhelming moments


Hi all...

I have been dealing with alot of different issues pertaining to some FND symptoms. I was diagnosed with FND last year October, however as I had mentioned in an earlier post on this site, I was involved in a car accident last year March and I have been left with certain injuries from the accident.

It has been over a year since the accident and I am still dealing with very blurry vision in my left eye, slight hearing loss in my left ear, I had recently found out that I have three mild disc protrusions in my lower back in which with the disc protrusions I had found out that I have arthritis in the same area which was aggravated by the accident. I also have sciatica down both legs now. Since April this year I have had 6 lumbar facet joint block injections in my lumbar spine area.

My emotions have been up and down. One minute I am feeling Ok, then I will feel very fatigued, in which I just want to stay in bed. I am seeing a neurologist at Mass General in Boston, in which he is great! Also, he has been very helpful in helping me to understand . He told me to purchase this book on Amazon, called "Overcoming Functional Neurological Symptoms." The book has been helpful so far. In which I am slowly getting to understand this condition.

I find it very hard to help people to understand my condition, because when they look at me they will say, that I look good. I know alot of people don't understand FND, but I try to explain it to them and sometimes I am asked questions again about it. It can become very overwhelming trying to repeat what I am going through.Sometimes also to my family and friends. I can tell also that when they look at me they don't see any physical injuries and they may think that I am just making it up. It has also been very hard dealing with the everyday fluctuations. Tiredness..nausea..etc.....

I also deal with migraines, and with the migraines I get a numbness down the left side of my cheek and my left eye has a heavy feeling that may droop a little. So, I just have to rest. I am so happy to know that I am not alone when it comes to dealing with FND. I do come on here and read other peoples post.

I do have another medical issue that I am dealing with also, I had found out that I have a 10cm ovarian cyst on my left ovary, in which I will have to have surgery. I am due to go back to Boston on August 17th for a follow-up on the injections I had last month in the lumbar area. Also, to see the neurologist. Then when I fly back home I have to prepare to get possible surgery to get the ovarian cyst removed. I have been mentally stressed..... I also want to ask someone that visits this site, if they had hearing loss that is related to FND and did they get to wear a hearing aid to hear better.

I did see a audiologist while I was in Boston in May this year and I was told that, physically my hearing is good. But I know that I do have a hard time hearing certain people when they are talking to me, because I have to ask them if they can repeat what they said.Also, my boyfriend could be calling me from a different room in the house and I don't hear him. It has been very challenging... if someone can tell me if they have been having hearing problems and also how did they deal with it...or did they get to use a hearing aid to hear better.

Thank you all......again I am so happy that I have friends on this site that is dealing with some of the same issues pertaining to FND like me that I can talk to and ask questions..... :)

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Sorry.... I was suppose to put my name at the bottom of my post...

Thanks again for the support...


Thank you for this. We live in the UK. My daughter was finally diagnosed with FND last September. Her migraines manifest usualky afterwards but lately they have been her warnings.Luckily she does not lose her speech but she finds it very frustrating that even on "good days" she can'tbe as active as a normal teenager. I did not know about this book. I will look for it.

Hi frazzledmum......I am so sorry to hear that your daughter is suffering from migraines. The day after my car accident I had a really bad headache, as I thought it was. But a few months after, the accident that is when I had realized it was migraines I was having. The migraines will keep me in bed for 2 or 3 days. Now, when I get the migraines the left side of my face becomes numb and my left eye has a heavy feeling like it doesn't belong to me. In which it feels very weird.

If I feel that I am going to have a good day, that good day can be cut short, in which I may become very fatigue, and then I may feel sciatic nerve pain down one leg then sometimes down both legs. I notice now that I am starting to have a slight tremor. If I am doing my hair sometimes my hands will start shaking or if I am doing something else they may start shaking then it will subside. Since my accident the person that had caused the accident hasn't even picked up the phone to see if I am OK. It has been very, very hard, because he had altered my life greatly.

But all I can do is pray each day for strength, and also for me to get connected to other people that may be in the same position as I am so we can all have hope together. Also, yes... I did purchase the book of Amazon it does highlight alot of things that we may be going through and it will help you to understand the symptoms that we have better and how to deal with them. Please let me know how your daughter is progressing... I to have a daughter and a son. So, I can understand how you feel to know that your daughter is suffering from this condition......

Hi Blessings48. I had problems with my ears for 2 years when my symptoms were intense and varied, mine was pressure when I had non epileptic seizures, it would be like being underwater and the pressure would make my eyes stream. After 2 years of this my symptoms started to ease off on their own. Although my hearing no longer has this painful pressure if I’m reading or busy trying to do something I don’t hear my partner talking, I’m still unable to do 2 things at the same time. It’s very frustrating as he must think I’m ignoring him but just haven’t improved enough as much as I’d hoped for.

Hi Leesaloo..... yes! I do feel pressure sometimes as well. It can be very frustrating to know that when someone is talking to you, like face to face, sometimes I can't even understand the words they are saying. Sometimes I may cry because I know I never had that problem before. Since the car accident my life has changed greatly. With the hearing problem, I also am dealing with blurriness of my left eye. It has been such of a challenge. Now, with the blurriness of my eye, and when I get migraines I am also am experiencing a numbness down the left side of my face and my left eye has a heavy feeling.

Did you go to see an audiologist for your hearing? When I did I was told my hearing is fine. In which I know it is not. So, my next step is to see if I am able to get a hearing aid so I can hear people clearly, I also have problems hearing people talking when I watch tv. I have to turn the volume up, in which my boyfriend has been very, very supportive. I am so happy to know that I had found this site so I can talk to people that may be going through the same issues as myself.....because I find it hard to talk to people that don't understand what you are going through.

Hi again, even now when watching tv, I too have to put it louder and totally concentrate. For 2 years tv caused me seizures, even now I prefer to read on my iPad kindle in the quiet. If my partner talks while I’m watching television I totally forget what I’m watching, this is so frustrating but it’s not improving either. Forgot what I’m trying to say. Hope this helps in some way. Regards Lisa xx

Hi everyone, I haven't been on here for a while. I have been thinking about you all! I had to have surgery last month, in which I had a 10cm ovarian cyst on my left ovary. They had to also remove the ovary with it. Plus both my fallopian tubes were removed.

But on top of that I have been dealing with the injuries from both the car accidents that I was involved in.

I have been feeling very, very overwhelmed. Just been to much going on since last year March, after the car accident.

From both these car accidents the pain and injuries I have are...

1... Sciatica (both legs)

2....Numbness and tingling down my left arm and left leg...also under my toes on my left foot are numb.

3....loss some vision in left eye

4....some hearing loss in left ear

5....of and on burning on left side of foot

6....3 disc bulges in lumbar area of spine

Plus found out I have arthritis in the

same area in which accident

Aggravated it.

7....left side of face (forehead to chin is

Slightly numb) with a heavy feeling also my left eye closes when I get. migraines

Now, with the second accident my index finger on my left hand keeps swelling of and on the knuckle

I have not been feeling like myself since these accidents. I am seeing a psychiatrist for these bad symptoms I get

I do get depressed sometimes....i have family memebers....but my siblings (brother & sister) have not been as supportive as well as my mom

Thank God I have my boyfriend that keeps reminding me that things will get better. It is hard when you have people or family that look at you like you are crazy

But I have kind of isolated myself from my family. I don't feel like being around them right now

It is so hard living with pain every day

And all you want is people/family to understand....

I am so happy that I can come on this site to share my story and to interact with others that are going through similar issues like myself....

Blessings all...


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