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Im a newbie!

Hi guys,

First of all Im so glad I found this site as I was looking for people just like me! I have my first appointment with Dr Jon Stone tomorrow and im really nervous. I have had gait issues and a whole bunch of other symptoms since i was 6 and its never been properly diagnosed and its got WAY worse in my adult life. No doctor or neuro has believed me so Dr Stone is my last chance. I would just like to know what ive been dealing with my whole life. Its got so bad i can hardly so anything myself and im only 28. Anyhoo, glad to be here and read other peoples experiences with FND as i reckon its what I have from the research i have done. Thanks

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Hi.I am sorry that you have endured this for such a long time.

How did your appointment go for you?


Jon Stone is excellent! He can diagnose you based on positive physical signs and rule out other conditions.


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