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Private Practice GPs in Scotland

Hi Peeps

Does anyone know of a good private practice GP in Scotland? My local health centre is just rubbish. There are a few things I’ve asked about especially pain relief during my seizures and the horrendous lack of sleep but I just get a NO and conversation over. They just won’t discuss it further. Perhaps paying is the only way I will actually get a proper discussion and perhaps help. I do have a good Consultant Neurologist but he just tends to be the same and always trying to chuck you out the door. I now place my phone on the desk in plain view and time my consultation. It says I’m entitled to 20 minutes and if his clinic is running late I am not to blame for that and have my consultation cut short. Seriously I’m not a mean or fussy or rude person but sometimes you just have to stand your ground however unnatural that feels. Cheers Lou

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Why don’t you change G P practice. A fresh approach may be all you need and you won’t have all the costs associated with private GPS who will charge for all medications, referrals and may only be able to refer you to private clinics? You can also complain to your health board about your poor relationship with your GP.

Hope this helps



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