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Diagnosed with Blepharospasm

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Hi I'm new here and have been diagnosed with blepharospasm. My eyes shut closed and hard for me to watch TV and go out in the sun. I am on post cancer treatment pills and also have a rare ATM gene mutation. I'm hoping someone knows if there is a link between my gene mutation, cancer treatment medication and blepharospasm. Or if you have any "tricks" to help keep your eyes open, I'd greatly appreciate it. I've had 2 sessions of botox in my eyes and not much luck. Hoping the third time the charm. Thank you!

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I have had trouble keeping my eyes open ever since I got FOLFOX 2.5 years ago as chemotherapy for cancer. It takes hours for my eyes to open in the morning after I gain consciousness. Also, the more bored that I am, the more likely my eyes are to close. The more interested I am, the more likely my eyes are to open. I have accepted that this is the new me. Getting more sleep helps. I listen to books instead of reading them or watching TV.

Hello Tracy Anns I had Breast Cancer 18 years ago, and was at greater risk of Ovarian Cancer. I also have Neuropathic Pain. In my abdomen. I have been diagnosed with hemi facial spasm . I am also effected with sunlight and light, I am seeing a consultant for Genetic Testing. My mum had Breast Cancer exactly the same time as me. My mum’s mum also had Colon Cancer. So awaiting to find out more about my Genes . I have Fnd and Functional Dystonia as well. Botox for my eyes is helping me a lot more, but still have very bad days. My genetic testing is 19th April . I have much more going on with me .

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