Terrified of the dentist now due to seizures

Has anyone with Fnd and seizures had dental treatment and got through it OK. I woke up this morning with rotten migraine, every tooth aching, sore cheek bones, tender forehead and could hardly keep my eyes open. Think I might have been clenching my teeth in my sleep as I'm feeling stressed about upcoming dental appointment. I'm terrified of taking a seizure during treatment and choking as seizures leave me completely paralysed and unable to speak. Does anyone have any tips or advice from personal experience

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  • I was at the dentist today. I explained fnd to the dentist and signs to look out for and she gave me regular breaks so you will be ok if you discuss before hand the health situation :)

  • Thanks, I think I will take some info off the website and a copy of leaflet from hospital and ask her to read them before I go but I will be so glad to get it over with as I get palpitations just thinking about it and it never was an issue for me before

  • I had several dental work appts the three years since I've had fnd. I tell them what can happen and what it looks like.

    I had to get an authorization from my practitioner saying it was okay to get the work done.

    I also was put under once bc the oral surgeon was scared of the seizures.

    Unfortunately since I got sick I have had a lot of dental work done. It has to be connected. Got sick 10 days after an oral surgery where they removed part of my gums.

  • Dentist said I could go to hospital but I would still feel just as stressed as the problem is not her but the condition, guess I will just have to try and be brave and face up to it as my teeth are starting to suffer

  • Deep breathing. I listen to music and attempt to keep calm. Don't look. Etc.

  • Hi Ailsaw I get exactly the same as you, I explained to my dentist and he always asks if I need a break. I have a gumshield to wear at night but it doesn’t do me any good. My GP has told my it’s sinus that’s causing the pain along with TMJ disorder and migraine. I practise mindfulness which really helps especially in stressful situations. Be positive and think of nice things and I’m sure you’ll be ok 💕

  • Thanks I also like mindfulness so will try and get back to practising it again

  • I go to a hospital based NHS dentist as no work can be done on me without sedation/anaesthetic - I just shake too much. My dentist is great at working round these issues. Good luck

  • Thanks I suppose I will just have to try and see how it goes. I just feel so stupid and don't want to make a fuss, I just want to be normal again

  • Hi Ailsaw, i have seen a dental surgeon as I had an impacted wisdom tooth when I started with FND. He was really good and took out my wisdom tooth plus a bent tooth and a big abscess on the wisdom tooth, the NHS wouldn't treat me and wanted to wait for the abscess to burst. Even though I shook through out the 2 hour operation, he took his time and made sure everything was out then stitched me up. He was private though as we couldn't find anyone else to take tooth out. Since then unfortunately he was convinced my pain in my teeth and the spasms in my face are due to me sucking mt thumb as a child. The FND websites have said the spasms in the face are normal for FND. I thought for a long time until diagnosed that I had caused this illness. I have had 4 night guards made from him at a cost of over a thousand pounds since but when I lay down I'm in agony with them in. Ok standing with them in but unable to use them for their purpose. I need my teeth cleaned as he said I will lose them if not. I don't want to lose them but I too have seizures when I go to the dentist. Hopefully when I have some money I can go back and just get my teeth cleaned. I've given up on the night guard as being in so much pain doesn't give me any sleep. Even though he thinks I've caused my own illness he still makes sure I'm ok when I've been. As he has seen my symptoms in action. Good luck and I hope you will be ok.

  • Thanks I will try to be brave as getting so much toothache now x

  • My teeth on my left hurt all the time, then they numb, half my tongue on the left tingles and feels burnt, my left side jaw is numb or in pain. Watching a seminar of dr stone talking about FND this is definitely FND and not my teeth. I'm so glad I watched it as I was convinced mt teeth were to blame, and like you kept trying to pluck up the courage to go back to the dentist yet again. Plus the never ending paying. I have read others get this pain, numb, tingling and burnt feeling too. We are all so different yet the same on this FND journey. Always here looking and hoping to help others going through this.

  • I will let you know how I get on x

  • I had to go and have 8 teeth out due to them ending up rotting through medication over 29 years of epileptic medication. And blackouts since 09 .. so ended up going under General anaesthetic in hospital through referral of dentist and my fear.

  • Hi sorry to hear that, I plucked up the courage to go as my seizures seem to be under control at the moment. My sister came with me and I held onto my fidget cube. Both my dentist and assistant listened to my fears and explanation of my condition and they were both brilliant through the whole process. I had a filling, tooth repair and my scale and polish. No seizure. I was so relieved and hopefully that's it for 6 months.

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