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Not diagnosed

I’ve written here in the past. Though the specialist didn’t formally diagnose this for me, he suggested that it could be the case. He didn’t want to worry me so he didn’t refer me to anyone else and didn’t think I needed a follow up appointment. As far as he’s concerned, I don’t have epilepsy or “real seizures”. It was painful to be told in the manner he did. Kind of like, there’s no problems, even though my symptoms can be debilitating at times. He just said, “I’m not worried about it”. He also said he didn’t mean to sound dismissive. It just hurt to kind of be treated like it’s nothing when it’s such a “painful” process to deal with these experiences. It doesn’t cause physical pain but it’s extremely frustrating. Anyways, maybe another time I can go into things more. For now, it’s mostly treated as, follow up with my psychiatrist....😒😟✌🏼

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