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Using a tens machine to remind my brain where my legs are.

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On 17 August 2017 I woke up and within an hour couldn't walk, sit up or breathe deeply and went into hospital. Over the next five days I improved enough to be able to sit up but when I tried to stand I just fell to my knees. On day 11, whilst discussing what might help with walking with the physio, I mentioned using a tens machine to remind my brain where my left arm is as it has caused problems since I had Lyme disease several years ago. My neighbour brought in my tens machine and I started electrocuting the front of my thighs as these were the muscles my brain was ignoring. It was the first time I had stood upright safely for 12 days. At last I could walk and went home a week later. I can walk fairly well with the tens stimulation but when I turn it off I rapidly fall to my knees and I become exhausted very quickly and then lose my core strength turning from 54 to 74! Overall I am slowly improving and sometimes I can walk 10 or 20 feet without the tens but is completely unreliable. I thought I'd post this in case other people find using tens stimulation helps remind their brain to communicate with their muscles too.

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Wow what a tough time you've been having! Thanks for sharing

I too have walking difficulties, left leg tires quickly then I loose control of it ...I've only used my tend machine when muscles spasm in my thigh and it gets tight and painful.

Did seem to ease it a little, on the tens setting, also the massage setting. Still find heated bag you pop into the microwave really helps too.

Onwards and upwards.. I hope for you. Take it easy. One step at a step!! Lucy in Brighton

This is very interesting indeed. I have seen documentaries of accident victims having similar stimulation given by electrical impulses that have had a prolonged effect even after they have been removed. I wonder does this help create new neural pathways for those corrupted by FND. Worth pursuing.

Good luck, most of us would try anything to get an edge or control back.

Hi buntyp just wondering how u are doing now...hopefully better

Slowly improving, I have about 3 hours of activity a day in lots of short bursts.

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