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Garden Party Birthday, FND WHO?

Please know we are praying for the families and the many public workers involved in Manchester. Heroes working together to help many I'm sure. May those touched by this horrendous act of hate would find the true hope and peace.

It's challenging to even post our happy birthday vlog in the light of the news. To be honest my heart breaks daily for our world. Hold those you love a little closer today!

We post Tuesdays and Fridays.

Please live today with no regrets, be thankful for much.

We love you guys.

Pop some popcorn...this one is longer!

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Thanks for your lovely words, I'm a bit behind with your vlogs but will catch up when I get home and have 5 minutes to breathe


Thank you Larissa,

It looks a fun filled video.

We'll check it out later.

lots of love ❤

Tony & Kim xx😊😊👌


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