Honest opinions please

So council housing not looking likely so..

house 1

no carpet

Accepts pets

Long term

Open plan kitchen living room

AstroTurf garden and decking

Walk in shower

Cheaper than current house

Decor I really like

Warm air heating so lots of wall space


Smaller than my current house (could be good though)

Terraced ... I'm worried my kids might be too loud and we'll get kicked out πŸ˜±πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­

No parking near house

Other house

3 bed




No carpets

Accepts pets

Gated entry

1.5 acre so lots of grass for kids and dog

2 garages so space for Ethan to build

Brilliant location

Long term

Very private


It's big (extra cleaning)

Extra traffic in mornings

40% more in rent than our current house

So do I wait see what else comes up!

We might lose house 1 if we wait to long ... logic says house 1 as it's lovely very maintained and cheaper

Heart says house 2 as I won't have to worry about noise... what do you guys think?


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  • House one sounds very sensible fiscally...but...with kids and a dog number two sounds less trouble.

  • I'd agree with nurmihusa house 2 although more expensive sounds better and I'm a big believer in getting kids outdoors, also not having to worry about how much noise you make will make you stress less, and I'm not sure if this suits but I'm a neat freak so I have everything in its place. It's made my life easier as I know where the hammer is, where the stationery is etc. And I have everything away in boxes or cupboards as I'm allergic to dust. Iv always hated cleaning even when I was fit to do it so literally I have a lot of stuff, I used to do a spring clean every 3 months, one room at a time and chuck anything I'm not needing or give it away and I can dust my whole house very quickly in 15 minutes because everything is away in boxes, cupboards and drawers.

    I know you have a family and children are not known for being neat and tidy but my suggestion is buying those nice storage boxes from ikea and putting things in them.

    Less cleaning and more organisation.

  • Yes I need to organize keep less things so less mess!! I want to be a neat freak but kids and husband do not make that easy! All our furniture is second hand so I'm hoping to maybe buy some new things that I like in the new house!

    The bigger house detached is what I need! I stress all the time here incase the kids upset next door or I worry going out incase the dog barks so I've become a prisoner in my own home!!

    Ok so I'm seeing 2 detached ones tomorrow. Thanks guys as I was having panic attacks about the smaller house! If it was detached I'd get it but you've made me realize I can't deal with that stress... my breathing is not good and chest pains for days due to the stress.... but in the plus side every cupboard in the living room is empty, I've packed all spare bedding and towels (in fact I think I've only left 2 towels out πŸ˜‚) I've emptied all kitchen drawers and sorted and packed stuff! Left us with 6 of everything plates, cutlery! Need to pack all mugs except 2, emptied my dresser that needs to go put those bits in the larder! Sorted laundry! Still got broken washing machine but sister in law did kids uniforms I'm

    Paying her to do my ironing to save my brain power!

    I'll let you know how it goes....


  • Good luck, I do the same when I move I have 1 of each cutlery, 1 plate etc left and last to pack.

    Also when I moved overseas I moved into an empty apartment and bought a bed and washing machine and got my first cat. Everyone thought I was crazy but I said I'd rather just buy furniture as I go and iv got the 2 most important first. Then I got a fridge but I sat on the floor for months. I had no tv and used to borrow lots of books from a family member.

    And I did the same thing again when i moved back here I had the landlords cheap very small couch and table and a bed and I replaced them slowly until I had all my own stuff.

    Just prioritise, get house first, pack up, move house, then look at best ways to keep it tidy as that helps minimise cleaning and get the kids involved, the boxes are just an idea but maybe involve them in helping to choose nice boxes whatever it is for their rooms that you think would lessen cleaning time and they would like and use and then furniture last. Do it bit by bit.

    And if you get a nice house with a garden have a half hour a day outside or whatever you can manage just getting the sunshine on your face and snuggling with that dog 🐢 πŸ€—πŸ€—

  • Amallia, you rock! One house actually has a conservatory... I would love to just relax watching the garden instead of cleaning carpets! My sister in law just messaged to say she's got a free evening to come and clean for me!! lol I might end up in debt but at least I'll be happy 😍

  • That sounds great. I'm sending positive thoughts your way xxxx

  • House 2 sounds brilliant to me as no worries about noise, with 2 young boys they have lots of room to play outside instead of being stuck in, less housework if you dump everything you don't need and go minimalist, it's supposed to be the in thing now according to my daughter. I've packed away everything I don't need apart from sentimental stuff and pictures as I just can't clean it all. The second one just sounds ideal for you, less stress about noise and big garden to stroll and relax. Money can buy you peace of mind and this sounds worth the extra money. Good 😊 luck Hun.

  • Ps long term rent is just what you wanted, you will destress in your own time and start enjoying life again. Xx

  • Lisa-Anne, I think you are all right... it's time to do what's right for me.... and to be honest it will be good for all of us to have a hooves that works.... yes long term rent... I'm hoping to get at least 2 years out if this.. ideally if we can afford it I'd like 7 years...that would finish both boys at school! I also told my husband we have to have a detached house as I can't cope stressing about noise! I also said if he doesn't stop drinking every day I'm done I will walk out as that Aldo doesn't help..I said the money you waste should be paying for us to all live better and I can't take much more .... he agreed.... so we will see πŸ€—. I don't think with out everyone's support here I'd have been able to do that so I'm forever in your debt xxxx

  • Am soooooo happy 😊 for you, no having to think about moving, and standing up for yourself, must have been really hard but proud of you for finding the energy and willpower. Well done, a lovely big garden, peace, getting rid of all the crap and junk that just weighs you down, you could get much better through all this and become the lovely lady before you became ill, wishing you all the luck in the world. Xx πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—

  • Sounds like you have a plan... hope it gets you somewhere stable, suitable & sustainable. Good luck in your new home!

  • Englishmumof2

    Go for it. Very happy for you and family.

    Dan / Seattle

  • Thank you my dear friend , sending you and your family hugs and prayers for better days πŸ˜πŸ€—πŸ™ƒ

  • Englishmumof2

    You have good heart. Enjoy the journey.


  • So my friends... finally I made a decision and took action today... no not the house yet... in NY we had a big house! So we bought a California king size bed in NY. its now 9 yrs old and came back to the UK with us... mattress is broken springs etc.... so not good! Any how I've been asking husband to help me get rid but he refuses to get rid.... so lol today.... ha ha ha.... I got my alumn key.... ha ha ha... and took it all apart....I'm knackrrd now as I also carried all the parts down stairs to the front door...it was very very heavy...my mum and brother came by to help with stuff and she started laughing... so between us now we've taken it all to wood recycling heaven and mattress recycling heaven. It's ok as we have a king bed we got a year ago so that's all set up.... so his bed is gone....and I now have space to store the 9 boxes I've packed up πŸ€£πŸ€—πŸ˜πŸ™ˆ

  • Ok guys... the bigger house has just dropped in price... second viewing tomorrow...hoping tax re-bate comes in soon so we can put down the deposit... if we can get out of here in 2 weeks that would be a month earlier than expected... I'm hoping agent will agree to it as landlord wants to have the house back....

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