Honest opinions please

So council housing not looking likely so..

house 1

no carpet

Accepts pets

Long term

Open plan kitchen living room

AstroTurf garden and decking

Walk in shower

Cheaper than current house

Decor I really like

Warm air heating so lots of wall space


Smaller than my current house (could be good though)

Terraced ... I'm worried my kids might be too loud and we'll get kicked out 😱😂😭

No parking near house

Other house

3 bed




No carpets

Accepts pets

Gated entry

1.5 acre so lots of grass for kids and dog

2 garages so space for Ethan to build

Brilliant location

Long term

Very private


It's big (extra cleaning)

Extra traffic in mornings

40% more in rent than our current house

So do I wait see what else comes up!

We might lose house 1 if we wait to long ... logic says house 1 as it's lovely very maintained and cheaper

Heart says house 2 as I won't have to worry about noise... what do you guys think?


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  • House one sounds very sensible fiscally...but...with kids and a dog number two sounds less trouble.

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