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Functional movement disorder

HI guys!

I'm trying to make sense out of this diagnosis. It is extremely confusing to me because I've thank god never had much stress in my life. I never got abused, family life was great, school was awesome, never had a problem with friends or a job...... my life as I know it is stress free and that's why this diagnosis doesn't sit well with me. A movement specialist that I went to explained it to me. He said why do some people have migraines and some dont? What makes the other person have migraine more than you? The guy had a migraine brain likewise you have a seizure brain and when you get stressed out that will trigger a seizure. The reason you never had one was because you don't have stress. Now that you're pregnant it's a huge stress on your body and will bring on the seizures. Hopefully after the baby the seizures will stop because there won't be a stress on the body anymore. I'm just trying to figure out if anyone has this disorder just during pregnancy because so far it seems I'm the only one! I'm already half way done the pregnancy but the first half felt like a year:( does anyone share this experience or know anyone that does?

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Hey, welcome to the world of fnd ... sorry to find you in the group but happy you found the group! Hope you will get some answers.

When you leave a comment you'll get an answer back in the next couple days but everyone here is going through a similar experience, we may not have all the answers but we have eachother to support and encourage

Take care

And sorry I can't help on pregnancy front... maybe one day lol

God bless

Andy (Scotland)



Please take a look back through my old posts and you will see that for me all my symptoms started back in 2014 when I was with my daughter (my 3rd child). My 2 previous pregnancies were perfect and like you no real stress in my life! We had just got married after 10 yrs together and moved house but we had moved house before and I was so happy as this was our first family home we had bought together, we were so excited and happy then I was struck down with severe morning sickness then picked up a virus at 14 weeks pregnant, I never recovered and spent the rest of the pregnancy in and out of hospital or doctors and being bed ridden. I was terrified, my body was doing whatever it wanted it, I couldn't stand, walk, breath properly, talk, eat I lost the use in my left side but my left arm took months to get back to normal. I was eventually after extensive tests diagnosed with fnd and post virul illness, previous to this I was told it was stress and anxiety. The only stress in my life was this and the fact that all the tests came back normal. I am still angry to this day about the way I was treated back then. Luckily things did get a bit better after the birth of my daughter but unfortunately 2 plus years on and it has never gone away completely. The pregnancy was the hardest time of my life and seemed like a lifetime. I completely understand what you are going through and I hope things improve for you after the birth of your baby. Although I suffered such terrible symptoms whilst carrying her there was never once a problem with her whilst she was inside. She was always happily plodding along in there!

Best wishes to you now and for the future

Louise x


Hi and congrats to your soon to be little one.

I like you have been dealing well with my many "organic" illnesses. Happy, well compensated and no stress. I have a great job, supportive family and over all a very calm demeanor....But as my doctor likes to remind me..."you may not be stressed, but your body is".

I did not have any experiences during my pregnancies so I can't help you wth that part....I'm a newbie & only found myself on this medical rollercoaster recently and now I am on track 101 with "functional gait disorder" added to an already complicated medical history.

I am, as many here are, baffled about all of this too. Its crazy what stress- including happy stress, can do to a persons body.

Sorry you had to find us, but glad you did. hang in there. You are half way there and hopefully soon the seizures will stop.



I wish you and the baby only the best of health.

I am sorry to read the over simplification made by your movement specialist.

My experience with this diagnosis and my grown daughter's experience with it is that there are more complex things going on in our body than we were told.

I encourage you to remain as self aware as you already are and that you be diligent about informing your doctors of what you actually experience.

I hope the seizures stop and any other symptoms resolve but I think it is good to add your input into your medical record so that information is there for future reference.

Never have doubts about what you experience.

My hope for a restful and good health day for you.

Dan / Seattle


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