More articles on FND for our compilation

Hi Dan

I think you are compiling a list of articles etc on FND. This link may be of interest but maybe you've found it already.

There is also a book called Landmark papers in Neurology. Dr Jon Stone (my Consultant) has a chapter in there - 4 and specifically 4.2 on my particular form of FND - dissociative/conversion.

I'm still trying to track down an article written by a female doctor at the Mayo Clinic in California. She was talking about non-invasive brain stimulation. I raised this with Dr Stone but he reckoned that there was no solid basis for it and more of a placebo effect.



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  • Lou.


    I was able to access Chapter 1 of the book called Landmark Papers in Neurology. That alone will be captivating reading for me. Unfortunately, I was not allowed access to Chapter 4 where you referenced Dr. Stone's work on FND.

    I also am unsure what to do with the Google Scholar link you sent but I am an admitted incompetent in this area. Were you referencing a specific article or is that an enhanced search engine for locating relevant medical publications?

    I will also try to find the Mayo Clinic California material on non invasive brain stimulation.

    Out of caution and a sincere desire to not offend anyone with my posts, I emphasize that I would never question a diagnosis given to and accepted by another patient.

    There are so many diseases that have clinical symptoms supported by good underlying science.

    I have a diagnosis of FND which does not appear to have that scientific grounding. Rather, it appears to be based on presumptive physician past experiences and observations that were never founded in science in the first place. That is my objection to the use of FND diagnostically.

    Because I have organic disease processes, I am further concerned that the term FND has been misapplied or in the least prematurely applied to cover all of my ailments.

    The insane part is that I accepted the diagnosis because I wanted to see where it would lead in the clinical spectrum of further investigation and relevant treatment. To date, nothing has materialized in this regard despite requests for help and my condition has deteriorated.

    Like many, this experience leaves me deeply unsettled by exactly what medicine hopes to accomplish by giving out this diagnosis. I am skeptical and very suspicious. Biased.

    I can only deal with my bias on FND by going back into the literature to try and find the basis for its evolution.

    I read endless articles of speculation and many articles of scientific advancement in understanding neuro anatomy and physiology but have yet to find supportive work that ties together patient manifestations with demonstrated proof of brain signaling disruption as a singular cause.

    So I plead my case that there may be and most likely is way more to this disease process than that which has been attributed to it to date as it occurs in me.

    Certainly, psychiatric practitioners who have little knowledge or practical application experience with neuroanatomy are the least qualified to help me with my condition. But that opinion is only expressed for me.

    I continue a search for answers as I know you do.

    We keep trying together. Thank you Lou. I have great respect and appreciation for your efforts.

    Please continue to let me know what you find out there.

    Dan / Seattle

  • Hi

    Sorry I posted the wrong link. I'll need to re-find it. It gave a load of abstracts about articles on FND and neurology more widely. The problem was that the abstract was free to view but the full texts costs £/$ 35 per pop.



  • Lou.

    Its okay. Blood pressure diastolic fell over 20mmhg after morning doing walk. I can't do anything now.

    Dan / S

  • It's such a bummer. I kneeled down to get some drinks from a machine and my legs were paralysed for the rest of the afternoon to early evening. It was on the 1st floor and we have a wheelchair for such emergencies. I looked like a large package being delivered. You have to laugh - the 2 woman from the centre were worried that my husband would propell me somewhere - well that was after I had to bum shuffle down the stairs. Couldn't on the steps outside though - too vain about ripping the arse out of my jeans. I'm sure I've set off a Health & Safety issue for them. I used to have meetings on the 2nd floor and then pegged out so they moved me to the first. They're trying to get a bottom room from another business in the building. Oh well they do get quite a bit of money out of me - I have to pay for private psychotherapy as it isn't available in the NHS Board I come under.



    PS : I'm going to our National Library to get the copy of Chapter 4.2 from the book. Should easily represent less than 10% to copy - good old copyright laws.

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