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Not sure what's going on

So for a while now I noticed when I put my hand anywhere close to the left of my head, it gets a static noise inside my head. I don't even have to be touching my head. Just my hair; Which freaks me out. It doesn't hurt and it's in more than one area. Like I can take my hand and put it on top of the hair on my head, move it around and it feels like a medal detector because of the way the static runs. I am only 19 years old. I already am setting up an appointment with the ear, nose, and throat doctors. But I'm concerned here. S.o.S

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Hi. I've not heard of anything like this before, but I do know that some people are a LOT LOT more sensitive to electromagnetism than others. Perhaps this might be what's happening to you, and you are detecting various things with your hand?

Have you had any tests, e.g. EEG? While having a test like this, could you casually put your hand up to the side of your head and see if it changes anything on their monitors. I suspect the only thing that will give you peace of mind is to try something like this. There are other imaging tests e.g. MRI and CT with or without contrast, which will show if there are any physical abnormalities inside your head, whereas I suspect this is more an electromagnetic thing, which is what EEGs are about.

Some testers can be quite chatty, while others follow their process to the letter and won't let you do that. But they can often ask why you're having the test, which would give you the chance of talking about this weird thing that happens to you.

I had a sleep deprivation EEG, i.e. I had to stay awake all night, then in the morning, they hooked me up to a computer, and flashes lights and made big noises in my headphones, trying to trigger an epileptic seizure. It didn't, but I did have enough muscle activity that would have signalled to me that a seizure was starting, and it was enough to have shown something on the monitors if it was epileptic...but nothing changed on the monitors. It gave me peace of mind that I didn't have epilepsy.



I am at a total loss to respond with any meaningful information. Seems like Vivienne has the most logical approach to investigating this symptom. Would be most interested to know what you find out about this.

Best regards to you. Hopefully your concerns will be addressed.

Dan / Seattle


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